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#254817 - Mon Jan 24 2005 01:59 PM Hi, I'm new.
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Registered: Mon Jan 24 2005
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Can anyone recamend some quizs for me?

#254818 - Mon Jan 24 2005 03:19 PM Re: Hi, I'm new.
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What kind of subjects are you interested in? I'm sure they are here someplace-welcome!
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#254819 - Mon Jan 24 2005 09:06 PM Re: Hi, I'm new.
Shrivats Offline

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The best way is to just play quizzes on either a specific topic of interest to you (from the quizzes section), or just play a random quiz, I'm sure that you'll learn a lot while doing that, I certainly seem to. Also, you could try out the Editor's Choice area for a starting point or the Most Popular Quizzes area.

And by the way, welcome to Funtrivia Forums, I'm sure you'll have a great time here.
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#254820 - Tue Jan 25 2005 06:42 PM Re: Hi, I'm new.
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I'd recommend my own quizzes, but I'm biased!
Just try some out in whatever category sparks your interest, and usually the better, or higher ranked quizzes will be nearer the top than the poorer quizzes. Look for sunglasses, those are a giveaway!

And welcome!
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#254821 - Mon Jan 31 2005 10:39 AM Re: Hi, I'm new.
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I am new to the forums but I can tell you that playing quizzes helps you a lot with writing them, and for those of you who don't know me I am funkyduncan!

#254822 - Mon Jan 31 2005 03:35 PM Re: Hi, I'm new.
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Welcome funkyduncan! And I agree with you. Playing quizzes, and seeing what styles and formats have worked for other authors, is a good place to start.

Welcome to you, too, htb400. And maybe you should consider getting a spell checker?
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#254823 - Mon Jan 31 2005 06:28 PM Re: Hi, I'm new.
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Welcome aboard!

There are two others in here from Leeds, but one of them supports Liverpool .. is Elland Road still standing, or have the liquidators moved in? lol


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