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#254977 - Thu Jan 27 2005 01:16 AM i need some help finding the title to a song
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These old songs were on an 8 track tape when i was a kid. I have been trying to find them for years...without any luck. Would appriciate any help. Both songs were male singers/country music.

First song--only line i can remember, "this house once rang with childish laughter, i can hear it echo down the hall" seem like he was singing about where he used to live and was showing the place to prospective buyers. Sorry thats all i can remember.

second song: "all at once her prayers were answered, his simple life became an open book, names like doris cunningham,--------, even marlene cook" ends with "sometimes we know not what we pray for"

#254978 - Thu Jan 27 2005 01:24 PM Re: i need some help finding the title to a song
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This thread was also posted in Why is the Sky Blue and subsequently moved to the Music Cellar. Locking this duplicate thread.
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