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#257804 - Thu Feb 17 2005 11:23 AM Whatword
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Have any of you who like word games played the game What Word? It's so fun and addictive - quite challenging, too. The thread about Bookworm made me think of it, and I hadn't played it in a long time! You can find it here. I just play the web version, so I don't know what the downloaded one is like. Try it if you have some time!

#257805 - Thu Feb 17 2005 05:41 PM Re: Whatword
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The downloaded version is quite similar, and you don't have any time limit on one game type. I have played both myself.
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#257806 - Thu Feb 17 2005 08:14 PM Re: Whatword
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Yes, I was addicted to it for awhile. I also really enjoy TextTwist (from the same site).
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