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#258857 - Sat Feb 26 2005 07:39 AM A modest vampiric proposal
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I would send this in a PM, but I'm not sure who the best recipient would be, so...

Currently, there are four quizzes in the General|The Unexplained|Vampires category. There are also four vampire quizzes under Humanities|Mythology & Folklore. Perchance, might these be merged into one category? I'd suggest Humanities|Mythology & Folklore|Vampires with a "pointer" to the category under General|The Unexplained, as the quizzes currently in General|The Unexplained|Vampires seem to consider the vampire as a folk motif rather than a potentially real entity.

Thanks, all!
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#258858 - Sat Feb 26 2005 08:09 AM Re: A modest vampiric proposal
Exit10 Offline

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Thanks Stu, good pickup! Leave it with the Eds and we will sort it out.

#258859 - Sat Feb 26 2005 08:23 AM Re: A modest vampiric proposal
LindaC007 Offline

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When I made "Mediaeval Werewolves and Vampires" over two years ago, it seemed like the only place to put it was "Unexplained" which is/was really a catch-all for all kinds of quizzes on the strange. It was moved to "Vampires" in March, 2004, but I have noticed some vampire quizzes are under Humanities. I really don't know what the criteria is between the two. I actually ran into all the info on medieval vampires and werewolves when researching my medieval quizzes, but there was enough info to actually make it into a separate quiz--and not just work it into the medieval quizzes, so it's sort of a PS to those.

I guess the best thing to do is that if someone is interested in making a vampire quiz, they should ask an editor of the category first under which to put it.
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