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#260485 - Wed Mar 09 2005 04:56 AM Hi
liverpoolrules Offline
Learning the ropes...

Registered: Fri Mar 04 2005
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Loc: Shanghai, China
I'm not new to funtrivia but a newbie in the forums. I live in China and I'm wondering whats the age range here

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#260486 - Wed Mar 09 2005 05:30 AM Re: Hi
ren33 Offline

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Hi there and welcome! I am coming to Shanghai for a few days in May. Maybe you will advise me what to go and see.
Have fun in the forums.
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#260487 - Wed Mar 09 2005 06:36 AM Re: Hi
gemini19 Offline

Registered: Tue Feb 15 2005
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Hey pool . Welcome to the forums. I have a cousin at Funtrivia who is 12 year old, but I don't think she uses the forums, other than her I don't know anyone younger than you. Anywho, have fun
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#260488 - Wed Mar 09 2005 06:50 AM Re: Hi
ozzz2002 Offline

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NSW Australia
Welcome from Australia, LiverpoolRules.. you sound like a candidate for the Tipping Comps!
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#260489 - Wed Mar 09 2005 07:58 AM Re: Hi
sue943 Offline

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Welcome to the forums.

We have very few younger members, most tend to be adults. The interests of younger people are not the same as those of people in their 20s, 30s, 40, 50s, 60s, 70s... except for football!

Can I just mention that it is unwise to give your age to anyone on the internet, especially when you are young. Please do not give your personal details to any of our members should they ask, we think our members are all 'good guys' but you just cannot be too careful.

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#260490 - Wed Mar 09 2005 08:54 AM Re: Hi
ktstew Offline
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Hello, pool. My daughter is 13 ands she sometimes uses the forums...welcome to this very friendly place!

And I do agree with Sue ...please be careful about what information you give people. Out of hundreds and hundreds of members, there are bound to be a few who are NOT so nice.

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#260491 - Wed Mar 09 2005 10:31 AM Re: Hi
liverpoolrules Offline
Learning the ropes...

Registered: Fri Mar 04 2005
Posts: 3
Loc: Shanghai, China
yea, thanks for the advice... even though there isn't any point now, I edited my first post (well I was curious)

#260492 - Wed Mar 09 2005 11:53 AM Re: Hi
Leau Offline
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There sure was a point in editing your first post, since I (and many others with me) didn't read your post until you'd edited out your age. Anyway, welcome to the forums!
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#260493 - Thu Mar 10 2005 09:24 AM Re: Hi
12791 Offline

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Hey there liverpoolrules!

There a lot of footie fans here. Come and join us in the tipping comps! By the way, welcome!
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#260494 - Thu Mar 10 2005 09:36 PM Re: Hi
SRSTrekker Offline

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Well, welcome to the forums liverpoolrules. I'm sure you'll find a lot to do here in the forums and the other parts of Funtrivia, no matter what your age! (I'm also one that didn't see your age, which can be a good thing here on the internet!)
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#260495 - Sat Mar 12 2005 03:28 PM Re: Hi
JamesCB Offline

Registered: Sun Oct 24 2004
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Loc: Very much England
I'm fairly new here myself. I didn't catch your age, but I'm *deliberately not mentioning my age*

edit: sorry, i thought I was being vague enough.

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#260496 - Sat Mar 12 2005 09:05 PM Re: Hi
Gatsby722 Offline
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James - please see above about sharing your age. There is no real reason to do it ever, but especially early on. Scroll up to Sue's earlier post. In the meantime, welcome.
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