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#260518 - Wed Mar 09 2005 01:37 PM Hi
eschatologist Offline
Learning the ropes...

Registered: Wed Mar 09 2005
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Hello everyone,

This is my very first post in FunTrivia's Forums and I am excited to be a newbie, thanks for the hospitality!

#260519 - Wed Mar 09 2005 02:09 PM Re: Hi
sue943 Offline

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Hi eschatologist, welcome to the forums. I moved your post into a thread just for you rather than you sharing someone else's thread.
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#260520 - Wed Mar 09 2005 02:40 PM Re: Hi
satguru Offline
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Hello! I only heard eschatlology referred to in conversation once before by a friend, and I had to go and look up the meaning. But at least you can find it in a dictionary if you look, unlike my name which stumps many
Enjoy the forums!
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#260521 - Wed Mar 09 2005 08:35 PM Re: Hi
Dobrov Offline

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My dictionary is on the other side of the room, but I welcome you anyway. Hi and have a great time! It's easy around here...

#260522 - Wed Mar 09 2005 10:07 PM Re: Hi
Gatsby722 Offline
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Welcome, eschatologist! Hope you have fun here. And I don't have a clue what one is either - now I'm curious...[Gats looks it up in a frenzy ]. Ah, theology! Sounds interesting!
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#260523 - Thu Mar 10 2005 03:38 AM Re: Hi
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Hi there, eschatologist. I hope you find this an interesting place.
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#260524 - Thu Mar 10 2005 06:54 AM Re: Hi
LeoDaVinci Offline

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eschatologist, eh? Quite original... I think you'll make it here!

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#260525 - Thu Mar 10 2005 09:21 AM Re: Hi
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Welcome to the forums, eschatologist!
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