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#262757 - Sun Apr 10 2005 10:43 AM Re: Do you rate?
picqero Offline

Registered: Tue Dec 28 2004
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I generally rate quizzes if they are good and I like them. I know this may seem a bit silly, but I don't like rating quizzes badly. However, if some really nonsensical questions and answers are there, and make me seeth with anger, then I might rate it a 'poor'. There is an advantage to rating the quiz, you get the page suggesting "Players who liked this quiz also liked these quizzes". I find this useful, does anyone else?

Yes, I find the "Players who liked this quiz............" quite useful, and frequently click on one or more of the suggested quizzes. I'm curious why any quiz would make you 'seeth with anger' though, even poor quality quizzes are normally only meant as a bit of fun.

#262758 - Sun Apr 10 2005 08:37 PM Re: Do you rate?
onlytrivial Offline

Registered: Tue Jan 11 2005
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I'm curious why any quiz would make you 'seeth with anger' though, even poor quality quizzes are normally only meant as a bit of fun.

OK, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration there! Questions which are highly ambiguous do get on my nerves, and FITB questions which have Americanised spelling.
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#262759 - Mon Apr 11 2005 12:47 AM Re: Do you rate?
Leau Offline
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and FITB questions which have Americanised spelling

If you see one of those, please send a correction note, as FITBs need to allow for both British and American spelling (or be changed to multiple choice).
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#262760 - Wed Apr 13 2005 03:30 AM Re: Do you rate?
ing Offline

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I didn't rate at first, but always do now and (when appropriate) try to remember to send compliments as well as correction notices...

I got into some interesting territory when using the 'those who liked also like' option the other day. I was wondering why all the quizzes it was leading me to seemed much easier than where I started, until I looked a bit closer and realised I had crossed into 'For Children'! Still, it was interesting.

#262761 - Sat Apr 23 2005 02:00 PM Re: Do you rate?
verynuttymoo Offline

Registered: Thu Apr 07 2005
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I always rate a quiz as a lot of others have said if someone takes time to do a quiz then we should take some time out to rate it. I like the "Players who liked this quiz also liked these quizzes".If you have done well on one then you often find you do well on others the same, then comes the feel good factor. In fact i think i have learnt more in the few weeks i have been on here than i ever did at school lol. Hmmmmm don't think i'll ever be brave enough to submit a quiz though, so well done those that do!

#262762 - Sat Apr 23 2005 05:28 PM Re: Do you rate?
bloomsby Offline

Registered: Sun Apr 29 2001
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I rate quizzes as a matter of course. (However, on those occasions when I send a compliment or correction I sometimes forget to go back and rate).

It seems to me important that quizmakers, players and editors get some kind of feedback. Simply rating is, after all, an unsensational and civilized way of doing this.

I tend to rate by instinct. There are some things that I particularly dislike, though:

1. Long-winded questions stuffed full of material that should go into the notes and not the question itself.

2. Quizzes that ask the player to guess the quizmaker's mind. I can't stand quizzes that are gratuitously intolerant of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

(Recently I played a quiz where one of the mulitple-choice questions asked players to choose between "It's me" and "It's I" as correct! So I had to guess what kind of person the quizmaker is. Moreover, how nit-picking, finger-wagging and downright stupid can people get?)

3. Quizzes with short scanty notes which tell me nothing.

4. Quizzes where the author boasts in the introduction that the quiz is the "hardest ever" on the topic and the like.

#262763 - Tue May 03 2005 08:42 PM Re: Do you rate?
features2004 Offline

Registered: Thu Mar 24 2005
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I have a number a quizzes online that have been played well over 30 times but still haven't been rated yet. Do you take the extra second to rate the quizzes and if not, why not? I'm just curious. I like to know what people like and dislike in a quiz. No sense in making more quizzes no one wants to play.

Yeh I rate all the quizzes that i play because I think that if I rate someones quiz then they will rate mine.
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#262764 - Tue May 10 2005 08:13 PM Re: Do you rate?
DerickWJazz Offline
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Good thoughts on the "Players who liked this quiz..." feature. I have spent hours sometimes following that trail and have ended up 180 degrees away from where I started. I remember starting in Entertainment>Comics>Peanuts and ending up somewhere in Hobbies>Games&Toys>Board Games. It's always an adventure. Thanks for all the thoughts folks.
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#262765 - Wed May 11 2005 04:39 AM Re: Do you rate?
features2004 Offline

Registered: Thu Mar 24 2005
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Loc: Asia.
It's never a problem for me.

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