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#265946 - Tue May 03 2005 09:27 PM A question for editors
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Why majority of players in category 'most quizzes online' is of editors and gold members?
You can check yourself at the following link:-

#265947 - Tue May 03 2005 11:35 PM Re: A question for editors
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Not sure what the question is...

If I had to guess, the answer is this: having good and intelligent quizzes certainly makes one editor material. Their numbers are earned and not manipulated (as that would be impossible to do). Sort of like a pitcher still in the dugout, you know. Likely a good pitcher but one who hasn't been an active (or successful) person on the mound just yet. I'm not an editor but I think I know, and can offer, that much sense on their behalf. The editors here keep us going.

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#265948 - Wed May 04 2005 12:00 AM Re: A question for editors
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An editor can clarify this more, but those authors have had the most quizzes placed online. Those gold members chose to be gold members, and the editors were picked using certain criteria.

Why a majority of them are editors and gold members, I'm thinking it is because some of them have been around for quite some time, and others because they have a vast knowledge of trivia.

Again, an editor can clarify this more for you.
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#265949 - Wed May 04 2005 03:39 AM Re: A question for editors
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Thanks. And one thing which I think is that the editors think that the other editors have good grip over English grammar. So, their quizzes will be easy to check!

#265950 - Wed May 04 2005 04:04 AM Re: A question for editors
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I am pulling on my Editor hat here to answer some of your questions.

All editor's quizzes are subject to the same scrutiny as non-editors, because inadvertent mistakes can crop up in even the best author's creations. Having said that, I would agree that a quiz by an editor is usually much easier to edit.

The qualifications for editorship are a lot more stringent now than when I was accepted about three years ago. The newer editors have had to jump through many hoops and are subject to scrutiny by more senior 'staff'.

I do not have the statistics available for gold members, but as these members pay a small fee, they tend to be less transient and therefore would probably create more quizzes. This would also hold true for editors.

Hope this helps.
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#265951 - Wed May 04 2005 06:50 AM Re: A question for editors
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I think that if you look closely at the lists of quizzes by editors with a large number of quizzes online you'll find that many of them have been active in FT for a very long time. They created these quizzes over something like a five-year timespan.


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