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#267627 - Fri May 20 2005 04:09 PM Question about titles in quizzes....
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I know I need to put the title of a book in quotes, but what the heck do I do with the title of a section? As in...

In Ben Jerry's book, "For the Love of Ice Cream", in section 2, Chocolate and More Chocolate....

Do I also put Chocolate and More Chocolate in quotes? Or something else? Or just leave it?

Thanks....I'm going to be needing this information soon, as I'm about to submit my first quiz (wish me luck!)


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#267628 - Fri May 20 2005 04:22 PM Re: Question about titles in quizzes....
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Put it in quotes. The only time titles don't need to be in quotes is if they stand alone in the answer boxes. Some authors use single quotes for one type of title and double for another, but we would prefer that you not do that, just pick one (we don't care which) and stick to it.


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