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#267844 - Mon May 23 2005 02:42 PM Lit quiz question
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It's me again....with another quick question for you. Is it okay to quote from a book as part of the "interesting information"? If so, is it adequate to just put the quoted info in quotes? Is it assumed that the quote came from the book the quiz is about, or do I need to reference the source?

Thanks for all your help!

#267845 - Mon May 23 2005 02:58 PM Re: Lit quiz question
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Yes, it is OK to quote from a book in the interesting info. We ask that you don't ONLY use quotes from the book throughout your whole quiz, though. You don't need to reference the source if the book quoted is the one the quiz is about. It doesn't hurt to say which chapter you are quoting from, if applicable, but don't bother with page numbers. Too many of your players will have different editions, with different page numbers, so it's meaningless.

#267846 - Tue May 24 2005 09:16 AM Re: Lit quiz question
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