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#268083 - Sat May 28 2005 08:42 AM Editing and Submission Questions
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Hello and thank you all for providing FunTrivia and making it run smoothly. I have had great fun playing the quizzes and, more recently, writing some.
In my latest quiz, "Amazing Postal CODE 2," there is at least one question that may be too hard, with only 8% correct responses. Is the edit option (changing the clue) a good idea to make the quiz more rewarding for players? I would like my quizzes to be in the upper end of activity and a "Difficult" rating seems to discourage this.
Is there a level of correct responses that should be considered to make a change?
Second, I have lots of words that I have worked out to put in future quizzes. At what rate or frequency is it suggested to submit them?
Thanks, scalar

#268084 - Sat May 28 2005 09:14 AM Re: Editing and Submission Questions
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Yes, you may change the hint.

In Brain Teasers, I urge people to submit no more than one quiz on a similar topic per week. Players get tired of seeing a rash of the same type of quizzes; they are more apt to play them if they are spread out a bit more.
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#268085 - Sat May 28 2005 09:21 AM Re: Editing and Submission Questions
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I see that quiz has only been played a few times, so I would wait a bit to see if the percentage correct changes after a few weeks. Especially when a quiz is on a fairly obscure topic, the difficulty ratings swing quite drastically at first.
Often, some thoughtful reworking of the incorrect answer options is a good way to make it easier for players to figure out the correct answer, even if they don't really know it. Rewording of the question also helps sometimes, as you can incorporate clues.
We only ask that if you make any change to a question that is more substantial than a minor spelling-type fix, you resubmit the quiz, so an editor can check it. Include a note, either with the quiz, or directly to the editor who originally put the quiz online, (or another editor in that category) explaining what you have done.
As for the submission rate, once you have one quiz online, you can submit the next right away. Spend the waiting time working on your offline quiz, making sure it is free from errors, etc. We do ask you to get one quiz on before submitting another, rather than having a whole batch of quizzes 'in rotation'. Often the editorial comments for one quiz will apply to others, so it is much better to address the issues on the first quiz, and learn from your mistakes, to avoid the same problem in subsequent quizzes. Most editors will not accept a quiz if you have another quiz with outstanding rejection notes.

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