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#270161 - Tue Jun 21 2005 12:14 PM Stats
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It may be bad form to even think about this question, but reading through some of the Fun Trivia Player Statistics has made me wonder.
Up through the Adept player level, some players have ratings as high as 99%. At 500 quizzes attempted, this would be about 5,000 questions, with only 50 to <100 incorrect. Another way of looking at this would be 400 to 450 perfect 10/10's.
If I wrote 500 quizzes and went back to play them (i.e., my own), I think I would be doing well to get that percentage.
My own accuracy after 436 quizzes is 68%; nothing to brag about, I admit, but it does make a 99% rating seem beyond what is possible.
Is there some other explanation for this phenomenon besides my own mediocrity?

#270162 - Tue Jun 21 2005 12:20 PM Re: Stats
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I think some players like to research the answers, rather than playing the quizzes off the tops of their heads. Since there are no prizes here, there is no reason why they shouldn't, if thats the way they like it.
And, maybe, we have some real geniuses here.

#270163 - Wed Jun 22 2005 07:12 AM Re: Stats
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And yes, some players do cheat.
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#270164 - Wed Jun 22 2005 08:04 AM Re: Stats
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It does seem rather pointless, if you're testing your computer's memory rather than your own.

To be honest I'm quite irritated by people who do it and hope they don't think I'm convinced of their genius.

#270165 - Wed Jun 22 2005 08:24 AM Re: Stats
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I think most members who research answers don't do it for their stats. And certainly not to convince others of their genius. I know I sometimes research answers if the quiz is about a topic that I'm really interested in. I usually end up following a lot of links and reading for a couple of hours before I reach the end of the quiz. By that time I don't care at all about the score, but I'm just happy that I've learned so much new and interesting stuff. I don't see anything wrong with what I do, I would still do it if there were no stats recorded. I'm here to enjoy myself and my stats shouldn't bother anyone.
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#270166 - Wed Jun 22 2005 09:19 AM Re: Stats
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Thanks for the responses; I hope this thread continues, with additional viewpoints being offered.
I usually think of trivial knowledge being just that, knowledge not research. I even feel a little guilty when I go check reference materials in the middle of a quiz, worried that someone is watching my play and thinking, "hmm, I wonder where he's gone."
I am glad to find out that there are alternative methods of play and that research is not considered a form of cheating. I suppose there are ways to cheat, but what a waste of time and effort.
I'm just always in awe at how well FunTrivia is organized and what a lot of fun it can be playing and creating quizzes.


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