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#271547 - Fri Jul 08 2005 12:22 PM Problem returning from quiz
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When I play a quiz and rate it, then wait to return to the page I came from (or click on "click here to return"), it takes me back to the main login page, not to the page I came from.

Is this something local to my PC or are others having problems too ?


#271548 - Fri Jul 08 2005 08:55 PM Re: Problem returning from quiz
Beckyel Offline

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Yes, I get that as well. I usually click back and go back to the quiz list I started from.

#271549 - Sat Jul 09 2005 06:06 AM Re: Problem returning from quiz
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On the main log in page there is a little box that says something to the effect of 'remember me each time I log in' (please forgive me if I can't remember the exact words, I haven't seen this is a while).
Have you clicked that box? Perhaps, if you haven't, this could be part of the problem.
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#271550 - Sat Jul 09 2005 06:44 AM Re: Problem returning from quiz
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I'm logged in automatically when I get to Funtrivia, so must have ticked that box, but still get sent to the main menu each time I've rated a quiz. I hadn't thought of using the 'back' button, my solution had always been a stream of anglo-saxon: unproductive, but satisfying!

#271551 - Sat Jul 09 2005 07:01 PM Re: Problem returning from quiz
gtho4 Online   FT-blank

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Try deleting the FT quizzes cookie .. if you can't find it, delete all of them (if you can live with haveing to relog into other sites). I have the same problem from time to time, and that seeems to fix it .. it's working aok now, as I'm returning to where I was, and not the homepage.

[ the option "Remember me on each visit" appears on the login screen in here for the forums ]
[ it's not an option when logging in via the homepage for quizzes ]


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