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#271640 - Sun Jul 10 2005 11:49 AM Submission Timeline Question
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As a newcomer to FunTrivia, I am still learning the various procedures in effect. I am a little confused by the history of a quiz I wrote last week.
I submitted it on the afternoon of July 5 and had gotten two responses written that evening when I looked the next day. One was complimentary and said the quiz had gone online; the other said that it was not online, but returned for corrections. The latter message chided me for having re-submitted the quiz without corrections, but this was later cleared up.
I made the corrections recommended on the 6th, but "My Quizzes" still showed "Submitted" status on the 9th. This morning (the 10th), "My Quizzes" showed it was "Online".
When I looked for it on the New Quiz page, it was on Page 4, showing an online date of the 5th. As a result, the quiz had never been on the Home Page summary or the first page of New Quizzes; I think that most players look at these two places for new quizzes to play. It never occurred to me that I could miss new quizzes if I checked every day.
Currently the quiz has not been played (a quiz I submitted on the 8th has been played 24 times). I will be disappointed if the quiz I spent several hours crafting over three days slips into oblivion with few plays or none.

#271641 - Sun Jul 10 2005 12:24 PM Re: Submission Timeline Question
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Part of what might have gone wrong here is that two separate editors appear to have been editing the quiz at the same time. There are protections against this in the system, but sometimes quizzes slip through the cracks. If you want specific information about the notes you got from those editors, you should contact them directly through Quizzyland.
Also, I wouldn't worry too much about your quiz finding players. The people who want to play a quiz on the subject you've written about will find the quiz anyway by looking in the specific category for it.

#271642 - Sun Jul 10 2005 01:37 PM Re: Submission Timeline Question
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Scalar, I'm sending you a quizzyland message to see how we can work this out.

#271643 - Sun Jul 10 2005 07:19 PM Re: Submission Timeline Question
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Dear Scalar,

Per the post above, rj211 has clarified the problem with the submission date status.

Since agony is a big fan of the author you chose, I've sent her a note requesting her to take over the handling of this quiz. As she has indicated to you in her post above, she has contacted you about this.

For the benefit of all quiz-makers - if you are having a problem with submission of your quiz, it is preferred that you contact the editor or editors concerned directly BEFORE you create posts in the forums about it. Such posts often confuse readers who aren't aware of all the facts concerning the matter.
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