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#271924 - Sat Jul 16 2005 06:43 AM Daily Quiz Question
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Registered: Sun Jun 26 2005
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I am just curious about the daily quizzes. I was wondering how long it takes before one of my own quizzes may appear as a daily quiz? Is it immediate or does it have to be online for a specific period of time before it becomes a daily quiz?

Is it possible that the reason I have not seen my own quizzes on as a daily quiz is because it wont let you play your own quizzes? These are just some things I was pondering out of curiosity and thought maybe the editors may be able to help.

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#271925 - Sat Jul 16 2005 07:51 AM Re: Daily Quiz Question
spanishliz Offline
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It may take a bit of time for questions from newer quizzes to turn up, but eventually you should see some of your own questions.

It was some time before I saw one of mine in a Daily, then I think two turned up on the same day! (It slowed me down a bit - first the pleasure of seeing my own question, then the fear that I'd get it wrong! )

#271926 - Sat Jul 16 2005 04:07 PM Re: Daily Quiz Question
Bruyere Offline
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Good question Apathy. It is funny when you get one of your own questions and you're trying to speed up and don't even recognize it!

Plus, and this is a true confession, I have one or two quizzes that because of their nature, are so hard that I might not get the right answer! They aren't trick questions but, the music one is a good question but not something just anyone would know.

I'm sure you'll understand why we must be a pain to you all now and insist on your questions standing alone. The first time you do get one of yours, you'll be proud.


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