As the administrator who is normally responsible for accepting new forum members can I please make a few points. I am assuming you might be browsing as a visitor so will read this message before attempting to join us.

In order to join the forums you MUST provide a valid email address as you have to respond to verify the address exists. It is pointless to make up an email address or to give [Email]spam@****.com[/Email] this just won't work. For those of you who use as an email address, my Funtrivia mail account hasn't worked for years so I would love to know how you got yours to work, or perhaps you don't as I have yet to see one which has been verified. Also, do not place messages within your email address such as 'remove me first' as the address is being used by a computer, not by a person. Once you verify your email address we can process your membership - this part is done by a person. Your password will be sent to your email address as provided. Don't forget to check that account until you have received your password.

Funtrivia will not sell your email address, we will not send you spam.

Please note, we do not accept hotmail, yahoo, msn, fastmail, google, gmail nor excite accounts, please use your ISP email account if possible. We are not trying to be difficult but those addresses have frequently been used by spammers of this site so the software automatically refuses registration from them.

Edited to add - please ensure your spam filter will accept mail from People using verizon could find they have particular problems, please contact verizon for advice.

Edited to also add- If you already have a Funtrivia quiz account, you must register using the same username that you created for that account.

Thank you


Edited by sue943 (Wed Jan 18 2006 07:48 AM)