So how do you define Spam? Spam is unsolicited communication normally inviting you to purchase something or to join something, perhaps even to visit a particular website. As you know, if a person posts a link to another site in our forums (unless it is vital to the post for example a link to a news item in Current Events or to assist members in Computers and Techonology) then mostly it is removed by us as not being permitted, as being potential Spam. There are some exceptions to the two listed above and commonsense is always applied by our moderators as to what is, and what is not acceptable.

True, most Spamming at Funtrivia is normally done by a new member who has joined specifically to target our members, and their accounts are immediately terminated. However, there are other forms of Spam and equally they are not permitted at Funtrivia - NO Spam is permitted. If for instance a member approaches another member, normally using our Private Messaging system, suggesting that the person might like to join another website and providing a link, this is Spam. We know it goes on, it has been going on for years, this doesn't mean that we condone it, we don't. If we hear of any member using Funtrivia in order to 'poach' members for another site we will treat it as any other type of Spam, accounts will be deleted.

These other sites are using Funtrivia, the number of new members we attract each month provides them with a potential source of members beyond their wildest dreams. For those of you who have been approached in the past by our members, you know who you are, would you really have found that other site without an invitation in your PM box? I doubt it.

There is absolutely no reason why any member of Funtrivia cannot be a member of as many sites as they wish, this is not what we are saying. What we are saying is that if it comes to our attention that any member is abusing this site by using it to find members for another site, we will close the Funtriva account of the abuser.

So stop and think before you issue such invitations to our members, are you abusing this site?
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