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#305258 - Tue Apr 25 2006 10:28 AM Why I played the Global but not the Hardcore
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Just trolling for information if folks would care to contribute. There were a huge number of participants in the Global tournament but a limited number in Hardcore. Please share your reasons.

1) The "I only have 130 seconds to complete it" or no advancement clause

2) The "I have to get 10 right or no advancement" clause

3) Randomly chosen categories - no way

4) Something I haven't mentioned

or any combination of the above choices.

Thanks to everyone in advance for their comments.


#305259 - Tue Apr 25 2006 11:02 AM Re: Why I played the Global but not the Hardcore
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I played hardcore last time and finished 22nd - I didn't make the top 100 last time, just shows how much easier hardcore is! I'm going back to normal mode for the next one, for much the same reasons as you state above.

1) 130 seconds is fine if they are short sharp questions, but often there are either essays to read, or a mathematical question, that takes me a while to calculate out - so I either go out of time, guess or only read half the question and tear my hair out when I get it wrong, because I knew the answer, if only I had stopped to read the thing. This really the only reason I'm moving back.
2. Not quite so worried about only getting ten right, as I do it for enjoyment and a score doesn't bother me much, mind you I won the local comp the first time, beaten to second this time.
3. Yea I know, I often surfed in, took one look, and surfed out again.

#305260 - Tue Apr 25 2006 01:07 PM Re: Why I played the Global but not the Hardcore
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I'm thinking of going hardcore this time, just to make it more fun. I don't play competetively; I don't have the computer access for that, so since it's only for fun and to test myself, might as well move out of the comfort zone a wee bit.

#305261 - Tue Apr 25 2006 01:13 PM Re: Why I played the Global but not the Hardcore
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Knowing my luck, I would be given catagories I didn't know anything about! Probably stick to normal mode!
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#305262 - Tue Apr 25 2006 01:21 PM Re: Why I played the Global but not the Hardcore
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I have just moved over to hardcore, for much the same reasons that agony is considering doing so. Managed to get 'advancement' points in all but Impossible & one other category...of course that's in the Newbies, so not too great, eh? Still, I think it will be more fun for me this way.

#305263 - Tue Apr 25 2006 11:59 PM Re: Why I played the Global but not the Hardcore
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I played hardcore the first time and really enjoyed it, even with the agonizing second place. I tried playing regular the third time, but discovered the only way to get high scores on Impossible was to "research" using google, wikipedia, imdb, etc while playing. It turned out that wasn't much fun, so I switched to hardcore to keep myself from doing it. I later switched back, because the 10 right in 130 seconds was too difficult by about division 6 or 7. By then I was too far out of the competition to worry about anything, so I just played casually. I'm on hardcore now, but only advanced on three of the six (I hate television and for children quizzes), so who knows how long I'll stay here.

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