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#307005 - Mon May 08 2006 09:54 AM Offline quiz question used in other tournaments
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In light of my recent comments in an earlier thread, when I saw a problem with an answer to a question in one of the tournaments (sorry I don't remember which one), I went to check on the current quiz

and got a notice:

"This quiz is currently Offline, meaning that no other visitors on this site can yet play this game..."

I'm wondering why a currently-not-approved quiz is being used for the various challenges? Was it perhaps approved at one time, then "down graded"?

#307006 - Mon May 08 2006 10:02 AM Re: Offline quiz question used in other tournaments
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Chances are that when the first correction note came in an editor took the quiz offline.

#307007 - Mon May 08 2006 11:32 PM Re: Offline quiz question used in other tournaments
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There are a lot of older quizzes that went online before games like the Challenge came along. These quizzes weren't written with the current games in mind and don't meet the standards placed on quizzes today. Once the questions are selected for the question pool for each of the various games, it will take a while before they circulate out. Even though a question may have generated a correction note and has been fixed, it will still appear in the games in its original form. Likewise, if the entire quiz was found to have multiple errors, it may have been taken offline by an editor for correction, or it may go offline automatically due to outstanding correction notes, but any questions from that quiz that are still in the pool will continue to circulate for a while. I don't know how often the questions change, so I can't really tell you how long a "bad" question will remain in the question pool.
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