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#310029 - Sat Jul 01 2006 06:40 PM Re: June Trivia Rounds
cinnam0n Offline

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Round 24 Results
1. On June 24, 2005, Paul Winchell, American voice actor and ventriloquist, died. Name a character that he voiced in the movies or on television.

10 points - Clyde and Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races, the Chinese Cat from The Aristocats, Zummi from Gummi Bears,Boomer the woodpecker from The Fox and the Hound

5 points - Gargamel from The Smurfs. (2)

I knew Paul Winchell for his "Tigger" voice, but didn't realize he did so many others!

2. On June 24, 1901, American composer Harry Partch was born. Name a musical instrument he designed and built from scratch.

10 points - Chromelodeon, Mazda Marimba, Bass Marimba, Zymo-Xyl

5 points - Kitharas (3)

What an interesting man that I had never even heard of before!

3. On June 24, 1995, the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup. Name another hockey team that won the Stanley Cup in the 90's.

10 points - Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Rockies, New York Rangers

4. On June 24, 1880, O Canada, the song that would become Canada's national anthem, was performed for the first time. Name another country's national anthem.

10 points - "Nahnu Djundulla Djundulwatan" (Sudan), "Kimi Ga Yo" (Japan), "The Banner of Freedom" (Samoa), "Deutschlandlied" (Germany), "La Brabanconne" (Belgium), "Ymnoseistin Eleftherian" (Greece), "Ha Tikva" (Israel)

5. On June 24, 1901, Pablo Piccaso's first exhibition opened. Name any of his works.

10 points - "The Women of Algiers," "L'Absinthe," "Baigneuse,"
"Boy with a Pipe," "Two Saltimbanques with a Dog," "La Famille de Saltimbanques," "Las Meninas"

7 players participated in this round, and the scores are as follows....
A very high scoring round!

50 points - Gatsby722, ren33, Mugaboo, LeoDaVinci
45 points - vogon
40 points - MaggieG, glamel

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone for playing!

#310030 - Wed Jul 05 2006 03:26 AM Re: June Trivia Rounds
ren33 Offline

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I will close June 29th tomorrow July 6th. I hope more people will take part as I don't slave over a hot quiz for only a few miserable so and sos to do it. I am a mod now and I expect a bit more co operation from you all . Now!!!
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#310031 - Thu Jul 06 2006 12:54 AM Re: June Trivia Rounds
ren33 Offline

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Hehe!! That woke'em up, the lazy so and so's!
7 entries, Thanks all
June 29
1. June 29th 1941- Hitler advanced into Leningrad. Name a member of Hitler's government.
For 10 points Ernst Roehm,Franz Seldte,Joseph Goebbels,Konstantin Von Neurath,Helmut Schacht
For 5 points(2) Bernhard Rust

2 Another bully: On June 29th 1997, Mike Tyson bit off part of the ear of Evander Holyfield. Name another boxer that this delightful character fought in the 90s.
For 10 points Donovan Ruddock,Frank Bruno,Francois Botha
For 5 points Peter Mc Neeley (2),James Buster Douglas (2)

3 June 29th 1956 Marilyn Monroe married Arthur Miller. Name one of his plays.

For 10 points
"I can't remember anything", "The American Clock","All My Sons","After the Fall","A View from the Bridge"
For 5 points
"Incident at Vichy" (2)

4 Name a movie in which Marilyn is featured in the cast list.
For 10 points
Full House, Niagara,Clash by Night,Some Like it Hot, The Asphalt Jungle
For 5 points
River of no Return(2)
5 29th June 1577 an amazing painter , Peter Paul Rubens was born. Name a painting he did between 1620 and 1640.
All with 10 points
A Wagon Fording a Stream, Perseus Befreit Andromeda, The Landing at Marseilles, Entrance HenryIV into Paris, Anjelika and the Hermit, The Allegory of Peace and War, Helena Fourment with Fur Cloak.

With 50,CinnamOn (yay!!)
With 45, Howie, Leo da Vinci and Maggie G
With 40 Gatsby, Glamel
With 35, Mugaboo
Well done all XX S
Wandering aimlessly through FT since 1999.

#310032 - Mon Jul 10 2006 05:54 AM Re: June Trivia Rounds
LittleWoman2 Offline
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Round 30 is closed. Results up as soon as I get a few spare minutes.

#310033 - Tue Jul 11 2006 12:40 PM Re: June Trivia Rounds
Polaris101 Offline

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Round 28 results - 9 players

Q1. A character with the last name of North in Yours, Mine and Ours, from 1968.

10 points: Jean, Nicky, Colleen, Tommy, Teresa, Philip, Helen

5 points: Gerald (2)

not mentioned: Janette

Q2. A state which borders North Carolina.

10 points: Georgia

5 points: South Carolina (4), Virginia (2), Tennessee (2)

Q3. A member nation of NATO which joined after 1949.

10 points: Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Turkey

5 points: Greece (2), Estonia (2)

not mentioned: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain

Q4. An aircraft which was manufactured by North American Aviation (later North American Rockwell Corporation).

10 points: B-25 Mitchell, T-39 Sabreliner, X-15, AJ Savage, GA-43 Pilgrim, L-17 Navion, YF-107

5 points: P-51 Mustang (2)

Q5. Name a member of the Hazard family from the 1985 miniseries North and South.

10 points: William, Billy, Virgilia, Hope

5 points: Maude (3), Isabel (2)

not mentioned: George, Constance, Brett, Stanley


45 - Maggie, Mugaboo
40 - Gatsby, LeoDaVinci, Cinnam0n, Glamel
35 - Howie
30 - Ren, Jimjih

Thanks for playing everyone, and a point each to Maggie and Mugaboo

Edited to correct Q1 results

Edited by Polaris101 (Wed Jul 12 2006 05:14 AM)
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#310034 - Fri Jul 14 2006 12:11 PM Re: June Trivia Rounds
LittleWoman2 Offline
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Round 30 Results:

Name a film starring…

1. Robert Redford

10 points for all: The Great Waldo Pepper, Havana, All the President’s Men, Sneakers, The Great Gatsby, Three Days of the Condor, The Natural

2. Lauren Bacall

10 points for all: The Big Sleep, Health, How to Marry a Millionaire, Bright Leaf, Written on the Wind, The Cobweb, Dogville

3. Josh Lucas

10 points for all: A Beautiful Mind, The Definite Maybe, The Deep End, Glory Road, Stealth, Secondhand Lions, Poseidon

4. Margaret O’Brien

10 points: Thousands Cheer, Bad Bascomb, The Unfinished Dance

5 points: Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (2), Little Women (2)

5. Frank Sinatra

10 points: From Here to Eternity, The Detective, Johnny Concho, The Manchurian Candidate, The Joker Is Wild

5 points: Ocean’s Eleven (2)


What a close round!

50 points!

45 points!

Congratulations to Gatsby, our winner with a perfect score! Everyone else was right behind him. Thank you all for playing this movie round.

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