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#321755 - Sun Sep 10 2006 01:10 PM Trivia Riddle
sassafrassgirl Offline

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Here's a riddle that I had a lot of fun with. You can ask me yes or no questions to find the answer, and if possible, i'll answer them.

A man is driving in his car listening to the radio. Suddenly, he hears something on the radio that makes him jump out of his car and shoot himself.

You need to figure out:
1.) Where is the man coming from?
2.) Where is the man going to?
3.) What is the man's job?
4.) What did the man hear on the radio?

Start asking questions!

#321756 - Sun Sep 10 2006 02:44 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
Copago Offline

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Was he listening to music? (as opposed to talkback radio)

#321757 - Mon Sep 11 2006 12:05 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
gemini19 Offline

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Was the man married?
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#321758 - Mon Sep 11 2006 02:11 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
sassafrassgirl Offline

Registered: Fri Dec 30 2005
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So far you have:
Was he listening to music? Yes
Was the man married? Yes

#321759 - Mon Sep 18 2006 01:32 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
aginor Offline

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Was he driving to work?
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#321760 - Sat Oct 28 2006 09:13 AM Re: Trivia Riddle
lady1 Offline
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Was he a police officer?
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#321761 - Wed Nov 29 2006 05:02 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
Lizard_Wizard Offline

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OH! I know this one.
no, he wasn't a police officer.

#321762 - Wed Dec 13 2006 11:17 AM Re: Trivia Riddle
mash_freak Offline

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did the man hear that he was dead?
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#321763 - Tue Dec 26 2006 12:58 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
chess19 Offline
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Hmm, it has something to do with his wife I think. I vaguely remeber hearing something like this before.

#321764 - Tue Dec 26 2006 02:28 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
MaggieG Offline

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Was the man having an affair with someone?

#321765 - Wed Dec 27 2006 01:32 AM Re: Trivia Riddle
picqero Offline

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Did what he heard on the radio, concern a relative?

#321766 - Sun Dec 09 2007 08:52 AM Re: Trivia Riddle
TerenceWeasly Offline
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was he listening to country and western music?

#321767 - Sun Dec 09 2007 09:15 AM Re: Trivia Riddle
ren33 Offline

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It is a year since the poster last answered, so I feel there is little point in bringing this one up. Please note the date of posts before you respond to them in future.
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#321768 - Tue May 13 2008 02:40 PM Re: Trivia Riddle
joza1 Offline

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Did his wife finish with him on the radio?
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