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#322679 - Mon Sep 18 2006 02:54 PM An old subject revisited
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Do you believe there is such a thing as a 'soul mate'?
If so, maybe you could tell us why.
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#322680 - Mon Sep 18 2006 07:41 PM Re: An old subject revisited
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I certainly believe in love at first sight, which is a good place to start. If this is the case, then maybe that's because it's easier to spot a soul mate. But it's more of a collection than an individual. If soul mates exist it's the people of either sex who fit so well with us they understand everything as we do and don't judge us as they know why we are as we are.

This is a rare thing indeed. Even close friends I know can be caught out if I say or do the wrong thing, which would probably disqualify them from being soul mates. But looking back I think I can think of at least one. I've banged on about her a few times already as she is my only example of mutual love in my whole life. But besides the attraction it took me some time to realise she may be a soul mate as it takes time to see the layers and aspects of someone, though the attraction on both sides was at first sight and after being rejected by 7 girls that night thought my luck was out until the 8th was her. And of course she never rejected me, but before we could really take off her mother did, with the same effect. So that is my best example, but the fact nearly everyone can meet someone new after losing someone special however it happened shows it's not a particular person. Imagine how hard it would be if each of us only had one soul mate- it would be almost impossible to meet them!

But on a spiritual level, which is implied by the term, I remain skeptical. I think the closer a person is to being totally accepting and understanding of you and vice versa the closer they are to a soul mate as they don't accept and understand everyone else the same way. But whether that's any more than the law of averages is something else I don't know.
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