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#323580 - Mon Sep 25 2006 05:17 AM How to treat a cold
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No, I am not looking for remedies.

How do you manage your own illness, be a it a cold or something more serious? Do you 'dose it' then struggle on with life, do you take to your bed? Do you like to be 'looked after' by others (if this is an option).
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#323581 - Mon Sep 25 2006 05:49 AM Re: How to treat a cold
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No , I hate being fussed with. I just go to bed with hot drinks etc and sleep and sleep. I like to be alone.
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#323582 - Mon Sep 25 2006 06:12 AM Re: How to treat a cold
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It depends on the severity. If it's a tiny annoyance I take Dayquill for day and Nyquill for night time. Technically I am not "supposed" to take them, as I have high blood pressure. But, I take meds for the high blood pressure, so I do so anyway. If I just have a couple of symptoms, I'll take a medicine to combat just those and not the all encompassing quill meds. I usually make myself chicken soup, which is chicken, the broth it makes, some peppers, celery, onions and salt. I can't take to bed, though, unless it's really severe, too much required work in my daily life!
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