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#323766 - Fri Oct 13 2006 08:16 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
lady1 Offline
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Well Copago I cant believe your postie. That is something I miss from childhood, trusting the postman to come into your house and put it in the fridge. Would not dare leave anything open today - it would all be stolen! Sad
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#323767 - Fri Oct 13 2006 08:47 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
sue943 Offline

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Lady1, I think Copago has to go and collect her mail, it doesn't come to her - she lives in the middle of nowhere.

Copago, do you forgive me for sending the frog?

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Many a child has been spoiled because you can't spank a Grandma!

#323768 - Fri Oct 13 2006 01:48 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
Copago Offline

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hehe yes Sue

Ooops, sorry Lady for giving the wrong impression there. Sue is right I have to collect the mail - the PO is part of the local service station so he just put it in the drinks fridge in the shop.

#323769 - Sat Oct 14 2006 02:24 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
lady1 Offline
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Oh I see. Well that was realy nice of him. Hope you dont forget him at Christmas.
"If Life Were Easy Where Would All The Adventure Be?"

#323770 - Sat Oct 14 2006 02:40 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
JaneMarple Offline
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Well I don't miss it, because I still do it on a Friday night. But when I was smaller, as I said, I didn't eat much chocolate. But Friday night was offically "Picnic Night" when I could have chocolate and Crisps. Used to go to my Aunts, and just enjoy her company, watching the TV for a hour or so, with Mum usually too. And "Picnic Night" has always stayed, although it is a bigger "Picnic" than it used to be Still miss some of the chocolates previously mentioned though
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#323771 - Sun Nov 05 2006 08:24 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
draculanut31 Offline

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My childhood wasn't too long ago, but one of the things I miss is my Lite Bright. I used to love that thing. Just plug it in and put the pegs in the holes. The kids nowadays have toys that not only talk to you, but move on their own. (Chucky thoughts, anyone?)

I miss Lite Bright---and my slinky that I took all the way upstairs and watched go down.
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#323772 - Tue Dec 19 2006 11:17 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
DrBobWill Offline

Registered: Wed Jan 04 2006
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Loc: WA vet home Retsil, WA, USA
hi all
i miss my concert grand piano--SIGH!
the hours of practice and just plain improvising. (i now live in a room about the size of my piano and will try to find room for a yamaha digital piano-

-digital so i only can hear the music and not bother other vets who might not like to hear me practising a brahms piano concerto at 0200 hours and digital so i can move it every now and then when the housekeeper deeps cleans the carpet).

i miss my 30 by 30 foot library where i stored most of my books. each time i have had to move back into the veterans home, i have had to give away all my books and stuff i had been using to teach classical music/opera. there is just very little room and our new library is chuck full of (non-classical music) vhs tapes/dvds.

i miss the water view that i had had in olympia--had a couple hundred feet overlooking a 120 degree waterfront view with my own private beach and orcas cavorting about, sailing vessels getting "stuck" in the tides just in front of my home, the many seagulls all about, the small usn ships coming in and out of the port along with various cargo vessels and a close-knit group of folks who really supported our local elementary school ("boston harbor")small but the best.

i miss my great pyrenees dog named zeus and he fit that name, never lost a dog fight (had a most unsual style of fighting--fought on his back; he was NEVER the agressor just the winner, wonderful dog! mellow and a beautiful white; i thought he looked like a junior grade polar bear. he could stand on his hind paws and put his front paws on my shoulders and lick me on the nose were he so inclined.

i was an only child and both my parents died back in the 1970s. i miss both of my parents: my dad who always went out of his way to provide me with the most thorough answers to every potential part of a question and to challenge me intellectually (we had the same law professor in torts--he at usc law schools and i at uc hastings college of law; neither of us ever did anything more with it; my mom just because she always believed that i could do anything i wanted to do and to do it very well, indeed. she helped as much as she could with my docotorate. both gave me lots of love.

i miss my children (a son who went to the first gulf war in the marines and came back a drug-using, alcoholic schizophrenic, now lives in a special home; my daughter, a nurse married to a doctor, they have operations scheduled just about every day so i rarely see them (if i have had to go to the hospital they always come then) plus members of the medical profession may have to go to more updating seminars than even members of the education profession.

while i greatly appreciate living in a veterans home and all the wonderful folks who show us their appreciation for what we have done for our country, i miss teaching (not too many here share any of my passions); i miss more intellectual endeavors than aa meetings (don't need) and bingo (still it is better than nothing). also we have a few outings to a store to buy stuff. because of my recent heart attack, and other reasons, i have given up the editorship of our "retsil reporter" (actually i did the whole thing all myself without any help but it was more interesting than just watching tv or smoking.
goodhealth peace love joy drbob

#323773 - Tue Dec 19 2006 01:28 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
trojan11 Offline
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  El Salvador
I miss the simplicity with which I once viewed life. I remember believing that adults never lied (ye gods what a dummy). But most of all I miss the innocence and the belief in truth that once, many years ago, I had.
Life is just a bowl of cherries, and that makes for an awful lot of stones.

#323774 - Tue Dec 19 2006 05:19 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
picqero Offline

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We used to buy 'broken biscuits' in a paper bag for a fraction of the price of whole ones, many of which were sold by weight from a large tin box instead of as now in sterile packets.
We could also buy 'bruised fruit' similarly very cheaply, and all you needed to do was cut, or more likely bite, off the bruised bit to get a tasty treat!
I grew up in the north of England where winters were always severe by modern standards - 3 months at least of heavy snow, icy roads, and severe cold. No-one I knew had either double glazing or central heating, the only heat being from the coal fire in the living room, plus if you were very or lucky or 'rich' a small gas fire in the bedroom. Getting dressed each morning was solved by doing it beneath the blankets - Oh yes 'blankets', no such thing as duvets! The bedroom windows were always heavily coated inside with patterned ice from condensation.
Against this we had fantastic fun with long icy slides in the school playground, building igloos, snowmen and rolling giant snowballs, plus many snowball fights. We could also make pocket money by shovelling snow from the paths and drives of 'posh' people!
If we had anything like those winters now, everything would come to a complete standstill, but in those days everyone just got on with life!
These things are nostalgic, but as Sue has said, it wasn't always 'the good old days', and it was bad news for the families of the unemployed or sick. We had teachers who were masochists, using the belt or cane for the slightest infringement. Elderly people who couldn't pay a gas or electric bill, were simply cut off, even in mid winter, and there was certainly more child disease, though somehow I never caught anything - or more likely had such minimal symptoms they didn't notice.
On balance, apart from being a lot older, I prefer now to then!

#323775 - Sat Dec 30 2006 02:24 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
Velvet_Rain Offline

Registered: Sat Dec 30 2006
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Loc: England
I miss feeling free of worry and anxiety.
I miss days that used to last forever, playing make believe, and being as silly as I wanted to be!
I miss being little!

Ahhh nostalgia!

#323776 - Sat Dec 30 2006 03:08 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
King01 Offline

Registered: Thu Dec 28 2006
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I miss the innocence and lack of responsibilty. I miss having endless energy. I miss the blissfull oblivion of what's going on around me. I miss everything basically haha.

#323777 - Sat Dec 30 2006 03:33 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
denni19 Offline

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Nowadays I can still benefit from lack of responsibility every now and then, blissfull oblivion is starting to be more and more present again and, the way I feel it, most of the innocence is still there.

What I really, really miss from childhood are my friends. I grew up with a gang of 8 great people (including my brother ), all living very close to each other. The farthest was 8 houses from ours. We had wonderful times together, starting as toddlers and travelling together through teen years into adulthood. *wiping a few tears*

One by one they left Romania for greener pastures, and now only one of them is still here and we keep the memories alive, talking about it all in every weekend.
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#323778 - Sun Dec 31 2006 08:07 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
FLHazeleyed Offline

Registered: Sun Dec 31 2006
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I miss being forced to take a nap everyday "because". Now I'm lucky when I can sneak one in here and there.

I miss someone else doing my laundry.

I miss falling down and getting right back up again where as now I have to take a quick inventory to make sure nothin' broke before I move.

I miss being able to borrow stuff from my sisters. My roommate was an only child and doesn't get the sharing just because thing of friendship.

I miss trick or treating. Sure, I can buy my candy now but its just not the same.

I really miss summers with my grandparents who have now since paced away.
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#323779 - Mon Jan 01 2007 02:14 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
Ashmancometh Offline

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My childhood hero Superman. They killed him in the comic and then the one I grew up with died.

#323780 - Mon Jan 01 2007 04:07 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
nic1990 Offline

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I miss someone else doing my laundry.

Ah.. Still a luxury for me!

#323781 - Wed Jan 03 2007 11:31 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
raph587 Offline

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Innocence. When I was a kid we had it, nowadays kids have lost it by the time they're 7.
It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known. Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

#323782 - Thu Jan 04 2007 08:05 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
funlover2001 Offline

Registered: Wed Jan 03 2007
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I miss sleepovers with my gal pals. I miss childhood innocence and ignorance. I miss school and the kids in band. I miss sleeping in class and it being better than the sleep I got at home. I miss not having to go to work! I miss Christmas with tons of presents from Santa. I miss playing goofy kid games and make believe.

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#323783 - Fri Jan 05 2007 10:41 AM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
stuthehistoryguy Offline

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The popsicles from the ice cream man. They seemed so...big back when I was four.
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#323784 - Fri Jan 05 2007 01:16 PM Re: What do you miss from childhood?
crimsonhawk909 Offline
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I miss the natural innocence I once had. I didn't have homework or colleges looming over my head. It was so much simpler than now.

My family used to have a tradition called "Powerless Thursdays" where on Thursdays, we'd turn off all the lights and TV, light candles, and hang out on the porch. I miss those.
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