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#326766 - Tue Oct 17 2006 12:56 PM Interesting article on "Becoming Great"
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I normally ignore most of the drivel on news sites like CNN, but this is a very interesting article:

#326767 - Tue Oct 17 2006 02:28 PM Re: Interesting article on "Becoming Great"
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Interesting article. Not just hard work pays off, it has to be mind numbing, soul breaking work for you to be #1 at whatever your goal is. So of course only those with the disciple to do that get there. However when it comes to sports as an example I believe that there is such a thing as natural ability. No one works harder at his game than Vjay Singh, and yet he is still not as good as Tiger. If it was just a matter of working harder then he should be better or at least as good.
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