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#326777 - Tue Oct 17 2006 09:38 PM Editors
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1) For quizzes to be checked more regularly and consistently, shouldn't there be more editors?
2) When viewing editors' pages, there should be a mark telling which category they are an editor in.

Thank you.

#326778 - Tue Oct 17 2006 10:07 PM Re: Editors
Bruyere Offline
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Actually, it might actually be the contrary kaung30!
I mean that in each category, there are specialists at each type of subject matter, and then they are generalists in the rest. I have been editing car quizzes for many years, but I'm sure that someone could take my place if I were unable to edit! However, your car quiz will probably wait for me, and if my real life encroaches on my volunteer work here, it might wait a bit more unless I need to ask someone else to have a look.

I think the time element is not the amount of editors, but editing the quizzes properly and getting a good end effect.
You also cannot see from your side of the process, that, there are many submissions that need more work and require a couple of sessions.

Consistency, I feel that there is consistency in each category and on the site in general, but, as each quiz has its own style, it may take a different approach to edit your quiz than it will for another person.

Example, someone who has written tests elsewhere, but, not here. They might ask questions that are hard to answer in a multiple choice type, or an FITB. We need to get those rewritten.
Some questions might work out loud, or on a pencil and paper exam, but not in our format. Some people have great information, and then, it's hidden in the blanks, and the question is not good.

Some people don't write much, and this takes them by surprise. They are occasionally surprised that the corrections are not done by a robot.

So, I have to say that in general quizzes are edited regularly and there aren't too many hold ups.
But some categories get more submissions than others and submissions that need more work.
If your work is really stunning and needs little help from us, it's going to go faster than you can imagine. You'll build up a great reputation.

Those are my words of wisdom...
Bruyere, editor.
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