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#328026 - Sun Aug 26 2007 02:58 AM Re: Americans Ban Vegemite
Schoonie101 Offline

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I tell you, it's not fair! We get them their vegemite, we save their bacon in WWII, but do we see any legitimate meat pies (yes, probably the meat [processed dingo?] that McDonalds won't touch but they ARE good!) over here in the States? No! Sheesh!

I do sympathize, I truly do. But I fear that you may expect no pies from Australia, unless they are appx 6' x 4' and contain the part cooked remains of several once living beasties, complete with blackened and revoltingly infested grill, plus, of course, residue charcoal flavouring. Nice, possibly, with cyanide. However, your reference to 'saving their bacon', is perhaps a tad unfair. Far more likely, I feel, that whilst there, you ate all the bacon.

I love it!

Best not to think of the ingredients, you reckon? The stuff that they just won't put into sugar, wouldn't pass health inspections!

To quote Homer Simpson: Mmmmm, bacon.

Seriously, funny stuff, at a Japanese restaurant with some friends in Australia and we were just throwing barbs back and forth at each other out of good fun when I mentioned something along the lines above: If it wasn't for us Seppos, you'd all be eating rice!

Moment of silence.


Uh, yeah. Trade you some yellowtail for some octopus?

Irony can be fun.
"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

- William Blake

#328027 - Sun Aug 26 2007 02:59 AM Re: Americans Ban Vegemite
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Not tasted either myself, just doesn't appeal to me!
My mind is like a functions only when open.

#328028 - Sun Aug 26 2007 04:58 PM Re: Americans Ban Vegemite
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I just have to get the last word in here - Marmite Rules OK?
Many a child has been spoiled because you can't spank a Grandma!

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