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#3303 - Sat Dec 22 2001 09:59 AM New virus for Christmas
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We have received a warning of a new virus from our computer support department at work, they sent a specimen of what it looks like and it appears to have a Christmas card to open. The virus is Reeezak and according to our IT department it can delete Office files in your computer AS IT OPENS. Snopes doesn't mention that but does confirm that it is a real virus.


Wow - I have just followed Snopes' link to Symantec and it DOES delete lot of different files including your virus software, it also disables your keyboard and many other nasty things.

Excuse me for a short time while I update my virus protection, it hasn't been done for a few days.

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#3304 - Sat Dec 22 2001 10:15 AM Re: New virus for Christmas
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that sounds nasty...
I hate those people who have notting better to do with their time then creating those virusses. It becomes even more despicable when you disguise the virus as a christmas card in my opinion. That's not funny at all and destroys the holliday spirit completely.

I think such people should be punished, maybe make them wear boxing gloves for the rest of thier lives (let's see who will be able to type then )

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#3305 - Sat Dec 22 2001 01:28 PM Re: New virus for Christmas
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Thanks for the warning. I agree with Wimm, boxing gloves and clown suits as well. Clowns think they're funny too.
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