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#333173 - Mon Nov 27 2006 04:42 PM Trivia Rounds - How do You Come Up With Questions?
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After 2 and a half years I have been finding it difficult to find original questions to Trivia Rounds so I am asking people where do you get your ideas from? Do you get help from familiy and friends? Do you randomly search?

I think the hardest thing is trying to find a question that have the right amount of answers to make suitable for Trivia Rounds. I often get what I think is a good question only to find out there are only 3 answers, or other times 50 or more answers.

#333174 - Mon Nov 27 2006 05:10 PM Re: Trivia Rounds - How do You Come Up With Questions?
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I've been here, in Trivia Rounds, for two months and I did only 4 rounds by now. Each time, I first thought about a 'theme' and then looked for 5 questions that could fit into that.

Just like you, I had to put aside some good questions because the possible answers were too few. I noticed that the number of players for each round is somewhere between 10 and 15, that's why I prefer to choose the questions which have at least 13-15 options.

If a question has only 8-10 answers and, let's say, 12 people are playing, then I think it's impossible for all to have unique answers, and I am always thinking about giving everyone equal chances for a "10 points" answer.
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#333175 - Wed Nov 29 2006 09:28 PM Re: Trivia Rounds - How do You Come Up With Questions?
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I've been here about the same as Mada and have only done two quizzes. Even in that short time, as both a player and a quizmaker, I have seen some interesting phenomena:

1 - Even when there are many, many possible answers, it is not uncommon for there to be duplications.

2 - Even in cases where there are the "right" number (about 10-15) of possible answers, roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the answers will not be not chosen. (For example, my recent question on prime numbers had exactly 15 possible answers -- and 5 out of 10 respondents gave the same 2 answers leaving 8 unselected!)

Like Mada, I have tried to think of a "theme" (either something I hear on the news that sounds interesting or a topic that comes up at work, whatever) and then go out on Google or Wikipedia and look for topics / subjects that are related, even on a tangent.

I also like to try to find a question that allows the quizzee to search for a lesser known answer if he/she is willing to look. One that comes to mind that happened not too long ago was a question of Howie's, I think -- "Name a team that Roger Clemens has played for." Of course, the "obvious" answers were the MLB teams, his college and even high school teams --- BUT he also played for a number of Minor League teams during his career, including three just during the 2006 season! Finding that wasn't that difficult, but required thinking beyond the easy-to-find answers.

A couple of other easy "fill ins" I use are to ask about some movie loosely related to the topic and ask for actors or characters, etc. or to find some website or business that has a name or activity related to your theme.
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#333176 - Thu Nov 30 2006 03:25 AM Re: Trivia Rounds - How do You Come Up With Questions?
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Dates are always a good starting point. If someone famous was born on that date, you can go off at a tangent with questions about them, their interests, their careers. If Joe Bloggs , apple grower was born on the date , you can have name some apple varieties etc.
I have never found a problem with thinking what to make the quiz about. Luckily I get a sudden inspiration just before. I don't know why. I remember MaggieG saying she followed on from one of my quiz questions with a childrens' book in it. She was able to follow it with a quiz on the Childrens' books she loved.You might find a former quiz might inspire you. Word making and finding are good fillers in too
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#333177 - Thu Nov 30 2006 07:15 AM Re: Trivia Rounds - How do You Come Up With Questions?
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Like ren said, I usually focus on the date of the quiz and what has happened then in the past. I also think about current events and anything I can connect to something that has occured in the past week or few days. Sometimes in the few days before my quiz comes up, I'll hear something on television or the radio that inspires a question, too. I don't usually have a problem coming up with questions, as long as I can find the time to just sit down and get them posted.
It is SO interesting to me how players seem to gravitate toward one or two answers. The original rules for this game were that there needed to be at least 4 answers, but even questions with many more answers available seem to get several duplicate answers.


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