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#337960 - Sat Dec 23 2006 07:51 PM Thanks to Terry
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Thanks Terry for creating such a great site, I've been a member for a year and this site has just grown and evolved so much in that short time!

I'm wondering what the site was like when it first started.

So all you old members, how much has the site changed since you've been here?
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#337961 - Sun Dec 24 2006 04:18 AM Re: Thanks to Terry
sue943 Offline

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I have been here seven years, so not one of the 'old timers'. I joined just after the forums were started in this form. It was several months before Terry first wrote the quiz section, the basis of so many of the games we now have.

You might find the following interesting.*/

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#337962 - Tue Dec 26 2006 10:14 AM Re: Thanks to Terry
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I probably spend more time on this site than I do anywhere else!
Thanks Terry.
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#337963 - Wed Dec 27 2006 04:23 PM Re: Thanks to Terry
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I've been keeping up with changes almost 7 years as well now. When I joined there were the forums, green but really very familiar despite switching many around subject wise. Ask hadn't yet arrived so all questions went in the forums, which is how I found it. There was also the archive of facts where we could all post our favourite trivia. I only thought of one, and when I returned a year later to add some more the archive wouldn't take new posts so I only have the one there.
There was also a guest book, unmoderated, and you can imagine the stuff people posted there. That went on till 2002 and though I read most of it I appear not to have added an entry, probably because it wouldn't work.

But compared to 2000 it's had a continuity as well. When I arrived some of my questions were answered by Sue, gtho4 and Linda1 (hello Linda, can you hear me?), and there are still a few of the people around from then knocking around. And the other difference were the number of regulars. I was member 1088 in the forums and now there are over 10 times that number and over 1,000,000 registered on the other side. I said to a few people if Terry wants a Funtrivia historian I'd be up for it, I remember names and faces and any little changes that happen as that is my nature. It's as real to me as any community whether it's in a building or on a screen.
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#337964 - Thu Dec 28 2006 01:55 PM Re: Thanks to Terry
Terry Online   FT-blank
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Thanks to everyone who makes the site what it is


#337965 - Sat Dec 30 2006 09:24 PM Re: Thanks to Terry
draculanut31 Offline

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I've been here since '02. Wow, what a difference!

Thanks, Tery!
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#337966 - Sun Dec 31 2006 11:04 AM Re: Thanks to Terry
JaneMarple Offline
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Coming up for my 3rd Anniversary at the Forums, at the end of January. And haven't had so much fun since joining here...don't know where I would be without the Forums and Funtrivia itself. Cheers Terry for a wonderful website!
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#337967 - Sun Dec 31 2006 06:52 PM Re: Thanks to Terry
FLHazeleyed Offline

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I'm certainly lookin' forward to a long fun experience here. I feel very challenged, some quizes have brought back some wonderful memories, its a nice break from Knitting and I'm watching less of the mindless stuff on the Brain Drain. However, I will not be quizzing when Heroes comes back! LOLOL
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