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#340872 - Fri Jan 12 2007 05:26 PM Things That Will Be Believed of Any Man Whatsoever
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According to American author Booth Tarkington, "There are two things that will be believed of any man whatsoever, and one of them is that he has taken to drink." Years ago, I posed a question to another forum as to what the other thing might be. Perhaps indicative of where my mind was at the time, I was thinking suicide. Another discussant suggested "putting unmarried young ladies in an unfortunate condition" - which may well be what Tarkington had in mind. (I'm not sure I agree; I know several gay men of whom I would not believe this unless I had a DNA test in hand - and perhaps not even then.)

I thought about this again today when I heard that a former coworker of mine has pled guilty to sexual relations with an underage student of hers. When the accusations first came out, I simply could not believe it - this was almost the very last person of anyone I knew that I would suspect of such a thing. In retrospect, I think I must invoke Tarkington's quote: some things will be believed of any person whatsover.

What are some things - unfortunate or no - that would be believed about practically anyone? The obvious is that they have died. I would say that suicide is, unfortunately, still on the sort list as well. What others?
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#340873 - Sat Jan 13 2007 06:40 PM Re: Things That Will Be Believed of Any Man Whatsoever
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I think picking their nose while at traffic lights would be high on the list. Can anyone here deny doing it?
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#340874 - Fri Jan 19 2007 11:42 PM Re: Things That Will Be Believed of Any Man Whatsoever
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Well, you've hit the nail on the head, stu. Almost any sexual peccadillo will be believed of any man, because everyone knows if we had the opportunity we would have done exactly what we're being accused of doing...:-)

But to not belabor that point, here's another one: embezzlement. I was in a bar recently (and no, I don't regularly hang out in bars, just had a specific reason for being there) when a local wit began talking about all the local charities he "knows" where most of the money is embezzled by the staff. Nobody showed the slightest scepticism, and soon everyone was talking about all the charities and businesses they've heard of where most of the money gets embezzled. It got me thinking of news reports in the past about various embezzlements, and I realized it ranks right up there with sex crimes as being one of the things that you're guilty of as soon as accused, without anyone needing a trial.


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