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#357341 - Thu Apr 12 2007 07:51 PM Somewhat new?
mobile91 Offline

Registered: Mon Feb 05 2007
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Loc: Chicago Illinois USA
I have been on the sight about 2 1/2 months now and I LOVE it. Living in Chicago and a SOX fan! Sorry, had to get that out Cubs fans. I look forward to posting on here with the rest.


#357342 - Fri Apr 13 2007 01:35 AM Re: Somewhat new?
BannedBabe Offline

Registered: Tue Apr 10 2007
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Loc: California USA
Hiya Mobile.


What do you think of the Los Angeles Dodgers?
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#357343 - Fri Apr 13 2007 02:37 AM Re: Somewhat new?
Gatsby722 Offline
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Hi mobile91 . If you see any of my Illinois friends at the next Sox game (I think they take up half the seats ), please tell them I said "hey!"...
Welcome to the Forums, too!
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#357344 - Fri Apr 13 2007 03:42 AM Re: Somewhat new?
sue943 Offline

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Channel Islands    
Welcome to our forums.
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#357345 - Fri Apr 13 2007 08:54 AM Re: Somewhat new?
ktstew Offline
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Hello, Mobile91. We welcome you here, though I am still working out the SOX part on a personal level. [ ]
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#357346 - Fri Apr 13 2007 09:20 AM Re: Somewhat new?
JaneMarple Offline
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A warm welcome from England
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#357347 - Fri Apr 13 2007 04:57 PM Re: Somewhat new?
Hpotter5075 Offline

Registered: Thu Mar 08 2007
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Loc: Minnesota USA
welcome from the midwestern state of Minnesota

#357348 - Fri Apr 13 2007 07:56 PM Re: Somewhat new?
mobile91 Offline

Registered: Mon Feb 05 2007
Posts: 5
Loc: Chicago Illinois USA
Thank you all.

BannedBabe - no problem with the Dodgers... YET.


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