A long, long time ago, when FunTrivia was a young website, a powerful treasure was hidden. It is said that one person a day can find it and claim it as their own, obtain a very special badge, and receive fame site-wide.

Although not a lot of concrete information about this treasure exists, it is common knowledge that a great serpent protects the treasure. This serpent has a list of tasks and requirements that treasure seekers must first meet in order to be able to pick up the treasure once it is found.

What these tasks are precisely is not common knowledge.

Finding the treasure itself is a difficult task, since the serpent protector routinely hides it in new places around the website, to foil would-be hunters. Rumor has it that the serpent protector is in contact with the Monsters and Oracle of FunTrivia. While the location of the monsters is fairly well known, the location of the Oracle is not. Perhaps these two creatures can help pinpoint the treasure for the hunter, once the treasure hunter has appeased the serpent's requirements.

There is one last tidbit of information, from an ancient, blackened FunTrivia HTML webpage. It reads:

"You need to be perfect in order to see the treasure."

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