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#372516 - Sun Jan 06 2008 08:42 PM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
denni19 Offline

Registered: Tue Sep 05 2006
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Loc: Bucharest Romania
Thank you Beth for all the hard work you've put into this!

Congratulations to Gatsby, it's a very much deserved 1st place, after toiling for us an entire year.

Mugaboo and Srini, almost sharing the top with Gats, are also very worthy of being where they are and I wish them, and everybody else of course , lots of luck with the 2008 competition.
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#372517 - Sun Jan 06 2008 11:22 PM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
srini701 Offline
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Thank you Beth for doing a very fine job compiling these results...means a lot to all of us playing the trivia rounds!

Congratulations to the Great Gatsby for a stupendous show in December and for clinching the "championships" for 2007

It promises to be a good fight in 2008 too, with so many fine players playing the rounds....
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#372518 - Mon Jan 07 2008 04:48 AM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
brandz_mygirl Offline

Registered: Sat Jan 06 2007
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Thanks Beth! It's great to see the final list for 2007 and, echoing Srini, the list does mean a lot to all the players. Mighty fine effort by Messrs Gatsby, Mugaboo and Srini to top the list. Congratulations guys. And well done to Maninmidohio for the 9 points in December!
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#372519 - Mon Jan 07 2008 05:19 AM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
Gatsby722 Offline
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Ohio USA    
Wow ! That's an interesting turn of events, yes? All I really know, upon reflection, is that I had a blast playing all year (that's important to say ... I'm sure the list reflects those of us most who have been around for every Round in 2007). And the other observation is that I reckon I "guess good" (and only just a little better than anybody else mananged to, I hasten to say). Then there's that other possibility, too. That the results are a huge mistake and I'm not there at all ... and Mugaboo and Srini are perched deservingly at the top. But, in the meantime (corrections pending), it's kinda cool to be on a list at all. Much moreso being at or near the top of it.

Do I win free premium cable TV channels for a year, or something? "I Love Lucy" TV trays? Maybe a lifetime supply of creamed corn ? Nah. I get the best prize of all. I get to play again in 2008.
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#372520 - Mon Jan 07 2008 05:44 AM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
Mugaboo Offline

Registered: Fri Aug 13 2004
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Loc: Scotland UK
Well done Gatsby on a much deserved win, it was a fine overtaking manoeuvre you executed last month. My excuse is my rear view mirror was frozen up, and I didn't see you coming . I fully intend to regain my title this year, but looking down the leader board, I'm not so sure I'll even make the top 10. I wish Srini all the best in the final upcoming result - at least the medals all went to us Gents (Our Ladies were obviously working too hard last year ).

#372521 - Mon Jan 07 2008 09:35 AM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
szabs Offline
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Registered: Mon Aug 13 2007
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Loc: Mijas, Malaga Spain         
Thank you Beth for all the time you have put into preparing this chart .

Congratulations to Gats and the very near runner ups . I look forward to playing in 2008 with all of you

#372522 - Mon Jan 07 2008 12:14 PM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
cinnam0n Offline

Registered: Tue Nov 02 2004
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Loc: Pennsylvania USA
I'll join in congratulating Gatsby for his victory! AND, thanks to Beth for taking the time to chart our progress!

#372523 - Mon Jan 07 2008 12:42 PM Re: Trivia Rounds Standings through August
nakarinna Offline

Registered: Wed Jun 13 2007
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Loc: Chicago Illinois USA
Wow, what an impressive amount of points! Congrats to Gatsby ... and Mugaboo ... and srini! Well done, all of you. Not to mention all the players that are nipping at your swiftly-advancing heels.

Also, I'll add my thanks for Beth for tallying up everything - and to everyone who hosted these rounds!
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