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#381138 - Mon Aug 13 2007 04:25 PM Question about correction notes...
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I went through the last several months of forum posts and didn't find anything about this topic, so hopefully I'm not beating a dead horse.

So - now that I have my first quiz online, I've been playing other people's quizzes with a careful eye to get some ideas about how I can present my own future quizzes. By doing so, I've noticed a few errors and have decided to send the author a correction note (after checking and doublechecking that my correction is, in fact, correct - quite a few times I have thought "Oh, that's wrong! I should send a correction!" only to carefully reread and check only to realize that I'd misread the question or that I was wrong).

So that's all well and good, and I'm using the correction note system the way I think it's intended to be used. I've sent a handful of (polite!) correction notes off into the ether and have never heard or seen anything about them again, but I'm okay with that. My problem comes up as I'm playing the Global Challenge, and I come across a question that needs correction, but I know I've seen it before in a quiz and I can't remember if I've already sent a correction note about it or not.

Is there any way to track which quizzes/questions you have already sent correction notes on, or is there some kind of "sent notes" panel that I can look at to see the notes that I've already sent?

Additionally, as someone who submits a correction note, should I not expect to hear anything about the note? I was expecting to see something from the authors I'd sent notes to, but now I wonder if the correction notes are anonymous or something.

Please forgive any rambling/blathering... not enough sleep + too much caffeine.

#381139 - Mon Aug 13 2007 04:47 PM Re: Question about correction notes...
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There is no way to track the notes you've sent. You only get an inbox for your private messages, and compliments/correction notes are saved under the 'Notes' tab when you're looking at your quizzes. But you have to be the author of the quiz in order to keep track of those.

You may not get a note back from the author either. I find it polite when I get a note back from the author (if it's a polite note) because that shows they care. Without sending you anything, you have no idea whether your correction was made or not. But editors must check over each correction note, so rest assured, if you were indeed correct, the error will eventually be fixed.

Hope this helps.

#381140 - Mon Aug 13 2007 04:48 PM Re: Question about correction notes...
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No, there isn't a way to track unless you've done it yourself.

Ideally, the player should respond to you.

However, some of the players have left the site/don't come to the site frequently. In some categories it's easier than others to weed out the correction notices, but the editors try and make sure they're taken care of. (In TV, for example, I try to give authors a week or so to take care of a correction notice before I'll either try to take care of it or have to take the quiz offline. Other categories will take longer.)

If I take care of a notice that is incorrect, I try to send a note to the player to let them know that they were incorrect and why so they don't continue to send the same note on this or other quizzes. I also encourage the authors to do the same when I notice they have just hit 'not an error' and didn't send a note.

For the GC, we have a problem in that the questions are 'cached' - they're not taken from the site's current/updated content. So if there's an error that was fixed in a quiz, that won't be reflected in the GC until the GC's questions are refreshed. (I don't know how often Terry does this.) It's cached because there are so many questions that it's impossible to take the questions from the site in real time.
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#381141 - Mon Aug 13 2007 05:14 PM Re: Question about correction notes...
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Yes, whether or not you receive a reply has a lot to do with if the author still comes here, and how busy the editor handling the corrections is.
Personally, I send a note to everyone who sends me a correction, whether they are right or not. Wearing my editor hat, I send a note if the correction was in fact wrong, but not otherwise (unless it is in some way remarkable). I figure on balance you would rather have me actually making the fifty or so changes I usually do when I am on a "correcting" roll, than making fifteen or so, and sending a note for each. The way the system is set up, when I send a note, it upsets my nice windows that are all arranged so I can just blow through the correction notes - maybe if I were better at computers, I would not have this problem....


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