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#384258 - Sun Sep 30 2007 12:57 PM Re: Photo-a-day - September 2007
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The black eyed susan is a long blooming perennial picqero (do you know how hard it is to NOT put a u after a q?)

A bit more detail, Rudbeckia hirta.
Common Names: black-eyed Susan, gloriosa daisy, yellow oxeye daisy
Family: Asteraceae/Compositae (aster/daisy Family)
More information

Here is a sunflower. I had one in my yard that grew to 10 feet high.

It is also the state flower of Maryland (since 1918). In my opinion, if you use a large bunch, they look nice with some ferns in a vase.

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#384259 - Sun Sep 30 2007 02:31 PM Re: Photo-a-day - September 2007
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Cute grandkids, picqero, and nice susans, too.

Here's a little burrowing owl that we loved to see at the side of the road. Such a cutie.

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#384260 - Sun Sep 30 2007 04:44 PM Re: Photo-a-day - September 2007
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The garland given to the winning horse at the Preakness Race (Maryland) is made of black-eyed Susans.

Preakness Winner

#384261 - Sun Sep 30 2007 05:02 PM Re: Photo-a-day - September 2007
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Thanks for the link Jar, they are indeed rudbeckia. I didn't recognise them because the only black eyed susans I've ever grown were quite small flowers
A couple of months ago I published a photo-a-day image of a large sunflower here at sunflower

#384262 - Sun Sep 30 2007 08:52 PM Re: Photo-a-day - September 2007
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The Ontario Science Centre, in Toronto, where my niece and I went yesterday to see the exhibit of artifacts recovered from RMS Titanic. No photography was allowed in the exhibition itself, otherwise I'd be showing you something a tad more interesting than the building.

The exhibit was well done, well worth the visit. Took about an hour to see, and included mock ups of staterooms, the boiler room and so on, with people in period dress there to answer questions.

#384263 - Mon Oct 01 2007 05:12 AM Re: Photo-a-day - September 2007
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They are not what we call Black-eye Susans in the UK, in the UK we call these Black-eyed Susans, they are completely different.
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#384264 - Mon Oct 01 2007 07:59 AM Re: Photo-a-day - September 2007
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It's the end of September so this thread is now locked. A new thread has been started for October's photos. Thanks to everyone.
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