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#388315 - Thu Feb 28 2008 01:00 PM Re: Porn Star Name
ClaraSue Offline
Forum Champion

Registered: Sun May 18 2003
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Loc: Arizona USA
I haven't checked this thread in a long time. Lots of porn stars we have here, eh?

Under the new formula I'm Candy Heaven-Thong.
May the tail of the elephant never have to swat the flies from your face.

#388316 - Sat Mar 01 2008 09:25 AM Re: Porn Star Name
Ender16 Offline

Registered: Mon Jul 23 2007
Posts: 5
Loc: West Midlands UK
By the new formula i'm Starr Velvet Thighs. Much more like a porn star, especially compared to my orriginal of Hammy Oswin.

#388317 - Fri Mar 28 2008 07:44 PM Re: Porn Star Name
mis_nomer Offline
Learning the ropes...

Registered: Sat Oct 27 2007
Posts: 2
Loc: New Jersey USA
Snippy Fox Hill. Or maybe Snowball. I forget which came first.

#388318 - Sat Mar 29 2008 09:40 AM Re: Porn Star Name
BurgGurl Offline
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Registered: Wed Dec 03 2003
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Loc: Virginia USA
My new name would be Chesty Silverridge, it could work...
>^..^< "The big yellow one is the sun."

#388319 - Mon Mar 31 2008 04:47 PM Re: Porn Star Name
Flynn_17 Offline

Registered: Tue May 17 2005
Posts: 1138
Loc: Hull Yorkshire England UK     
And mine, Isis Cherryhooters. I'm really not sure which is better, that or Buster Sideways...
Oh, a functional love life is like icing a cake - you've got to concentrate!

#388320 - Thu Apr 03 2008 05:29 AM Re: Porn Star Name
prizequestion Offline

Registered: Thu Apr 03 2008
Posts: 10
Loc: Ireland
New formulas - Candy Glitz-Shock

original formula Tosca Camden

Or as we used to do..
First name was your first pet
Second was your mothers maiden name

Tosca Farmer.
My Wife is Coco O'Callaghan

#388321 - Thu Apr 03 2008 09:31 AM Re: Porn Star Name
singlepringle Offline

Registered: Thu Apr 03 2008
Posts: 5
Loc: Essex UK
Mine would be Annie California

lol dpecial it actually sounds ok

#388322 - Thu Apr 03 2008 07:58 PM Re: Porn Star Name
blusuzyq Offline

Registered: Thu May 24 2007
Posts: 10
Loc: Barbourville Kentucky USA     
Can't recall a first pet except Tom (the cat) using current names I would be Izzie Caribou or Phoebe Caribou.
Put on your big girl panties on and deal with it!

#388323 - Wed Apr 16 2008 04:55 AM Re: Porn Star Name
gillimalta Offline
Forum Adept

Registered: Sat Apr 05 2008
Posts: 142
Loc: Ruthin, North Wales
Using the original formula, I would be Waffles St. David! Classy eh?
Just Alassin Sane...

#388324 - Wed Apr 16 2008 10:53 AM Re: Porn Star Name
woboogie Offline

Registered: Wed Mar 26 2008
Posts: 55
Loc: Bay City
Michigan USA 
My first one would've been Laddie Bartlett...oh, dear.

By the second formula it would be Jade Sweet Thighs. Now THAT could work

Ren33--Hotspur Banbury sounds like a Shakespearean porn name, maybe Henry V part X?


#388325 - Thu Apr 17 2008 02:25 PM Re: Porn Star Name
vene Offline
Forum Adept

Registered: Thu Apr 17 2008
Posts: 191
Loc: Amersfoort
The Netherlands
old formula: Miranda Chestnut

haha, 'chest'nut.. oh well..

new formula: Princess Tickleridge


#388326 - Wed Sep 09 2009 02:34 AM Re: Porn Star Name
SOTHC Offline

Registered: Tue Jun 10 2003
Posts: 16530
Loc: Aylesford Kent England UK    
Diamond Leatherthong formerly Blueboy Eastcombe

If you fancy a good time phone 555-GIGOLO
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