ROUND 1 - Wednesday, October 31 - NOVEMBER

10 Awesome players this time around!

1. November is the 11th month in the Gregorian Calendar and the ninth month in the Roman Calendar. It is called by various other names in different cultures. From HERE give me one of the other names of November

For 10 points: Kasim, Month of the Dog

For 5 points: Marraskuu (3), Studeni (3), Sip-il-weol (2)

Not mentioned: Listopad, ngeyeNkanga

2. Aspiring writers all over the world have a golden opportunnity to showcase their writing during the NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month in November. NaNoWriMo is an online creative writing competition in which writers attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in a single month. The events are launched usually on Halloween Night and go on upto November 25th, from when the writers start submitting their works. From the official site, give me one of the questions listed on the FAQs page.

For 10 points: What if I start and don't finish?, Has anyone had their novel published?, Do I need to have a personal website to participate?, Who will read my novel when I'm done?, Why 50,000 words? Isn't that more of a novella?, Can I handwrite the novel?, Is it true there’s an official guidebook to NaNoWriMO?, How many novels have been written through NaNoWriMo?, Why are you doing this? What do you get out of it?, Do you edit or publish the finished products? 10 points ALL!

For 5 points: NONE

Not mentioned:: Does NaNoWriMo own to the rights to novels written during November?, Is there a fee to participate? etc..

3. During this month, a charity event known as Mo-vember is held primarily in Australia and New Zealand - which involves the growing of moustaches The event kicks off on October 31st with participants shaving off the complete moustache region and then growing the moustache through the entire month of November. The official site of Movember has an interesting list of famous people who maintained their Mo in their Hall of Fame and those that put a razor to their Mo in the Hall of Shame. Head over to the Hall of Shame and give me one of the blacklisted members categorized under "Quitters" or "The Lincoln Look"

For 10 points: James Hetfield, Jim Newel, Dean Hutton, John Major, Leonardo da Vinci, Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Thomas Keneally, Orthodox Jews, Allan "AB" Border 10 Points ALL ! !

For 5 points: NONE

Not mentioned: Peter Sellers, Ian Botham, Weird Al Yankovic, Rob Morrison and otthers.

4. November stands for the letter "N" in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, which is a widespread phonetic alphabet used by most national and international organizations and is part of The International Code of Signals. The LAPD phonetic alphabet uses words that vary from the NATO alphabet and is used by the LAPD and other law enforcement and emergency service agencies throughout the United States. Give me one of the NATO phonetic alphabet words and the corresponding LAPD phonetic alphabet word.

For 10 points: Hotel/Henry, Uniform/Union, Alpha/Adam, Mike/Mary, Zulu/Zebra

For 5 points: Echo/Edward(3), Sierra/Sam (2)

Not mentioned: Bravo/Boy, Charlie/Charles and others.

5. November is the title of a psychological thriller which stars former Freinds star Courteney Cox Arquette as a photographer who witnesses a traumatic incident involving her boyfriend. The movie was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival, 2004 and won the Excellence in Cinematography Award. Give me the name of one of the other Dramatic Films which were nominated for the Grand Jury Prize along with November during the Sundance Film Festival, 2004

For 10 points: Chrystal, Evergreen, One Point O, Book of Love

For 5 points: We Don't Live Here Anymore (2), Napoleon Dynamite (2), Easy (2)

Not mentioned: The Best Thief in the World, Brother to Brother, Maria Full of Grace, Harry + Max and others

From no-moustache wonders to dramatic films - this round has seen answers as diverse as the range of subjects covered in the round. Well played, everyone!

And the winners are:

With 50 Points!: Mugaboo Congratulations!
With 45 Points: Brandz, Denni, szabs
With 40 Points: Lizard_Wizard, Jar,
With 30 Points: Gatsby, Srini, Zorba, Nakarinna

A monthly point goes to Mugaboo for a perfect score!

See you all next week!
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