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#393193 - Sun Oct 21 2007 12:08 PM Plagiarism
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It has come to light that some members are lifting material from copyright sources and passing it off as its own. has very strict policies regarding plagiarism and the use of copyright material - don't do it.

"By Posting a Submission you warrant and represent that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to your Submission, including, without limitation, all the rights necessary for you to provide, post, upload, input or submit the Submissions.

In addition to the warranty and representation set forth above, by Posting a Submission you warrant and represent that

* (a) you are the copyright owner of Posted content, or that the copyright owner of such content has granted you permission to use such content and/or images contained in such submission consistent with the manner and purpose of your use and as otherwise permitted by these Terms of Use and the Services,"

Please indicate to a moderator or administrator by PM if any of your posted challenges are directly lifted from other sites so we can remove them. could have problems if we leave them.

Thank you.

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#393194 - Sun Oct 21 2007 12:27 PM Re: Plagiarism
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I apologize to all members of funtrivia as I know we shouldn't plagerize. However, the last three that has been deleted was taken from other places. I thought that unlike quizzes, we could take games from other places.

However, most of the other games is my own work but there may be a couple that is not mine. I honestly can't remember. I know it makes it difficult for Sue to know which is which and makes it difficult for her. I am asking her to delete all my challeneges so that might help

Next time, I will make sure everything is in my own words. Most every challenge is but I apologize to the moderators, administrators, editors and all people who play.

I enjoy making games and I took a long time to make some of these games but I plagerized others as I thought I could take things from other sites. As pointed out before I do things in the forum to read all instructions beforehand. I am going to make really good games for the people in this forum from now on.

I fully understand and I want you, Sue to delete all the challenges since this s not fair to anyone. It will help a lot trying to determine which is which.

Sincere apologies to everyone. I know people will be upset with me but if you could not bash me here as I am trying to become better. I will show you the good games I will do in the future, my games only.

Thanks again to Sue as I respect her more now because she wrote me before deleting.
Thanks Sue

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#602818 - Mon Mar 07 2011 10:17 AM Re: Plagiarism
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what is Plagiarism?

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#602840 - Mon Mar 07 2011 01:21 PM Re: Plagiarism
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Originally Posted By: johncena96
what is Plagiarism?

Saying that you wrote something that someone else had already written.
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#1061189 - Mon Aug 25 2014 06:17 AM Re: Plagiarism
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For some time I have collected logic and other puzzles from a variety of sources:
books, newspapers, magazines and so on. With one exception (a series of books by Raymond Smullyan), I have kept no record of sources; they were just little puzzles that interested me. I recently placed one of these in the Forum's Games and Challenges section, and would like to offer more. How do I stand with regard to plagiarism? It seems likely that in many cases the authors of the puzzles obtained them from elsewhere.

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