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#397426 - Thu Nov 15 2007 01:30 AM The reason for rule 6.
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Rule 6:
Photos displayed or linked to must have been taken by yourself and with the camera pointing away from you. The idea of Photo-a-Day is that we all see what you saw. This means that photos won't include yourself.

This rule was introduced so that we don't end up with photos such as 'this is me at a party' or 'this is me doing this or that'.

The camera looking outwards from the photographer is a format that I think has worked well. It has given us some interesting photos of flowers, scenery, plants, pets, objects and an insight to all parts of the world. This is what Photo-a-Day was intended for, rather than it being akin to a personal photo album. Having said that, a small percentage photos of friends and family are posted. Most members seem to like them. However, rule 6 does tend to limit what personal photos are shown. Generally, the photo threads are used to show photos other than those.

We'd rather leave it at that than start creating rule after rule for one thing or another. I hope the Photo threads will remain a relaxed place to post within the existing rules. We just ask you to remember what the overall purpose of the Photo-a-Day forum is.
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#397427 - Thu Nov 15 2007 03:04 PM Re: The reason for rule 6.
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Sounds fair enough to me, thanks for spelling it out for us Martin.
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