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#398349 - Fri Jan 25 2008 09:22 PM Re: Mispronounced words
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Forgive me for joining in late, but there are so many that irritate me. The one that comes to mind right now is the word salmon. Usually people I don't care for pronounce it sal-mon, pronouncing the "l" which should be silent.
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#398350 - Fri Jan 25 2008 09:45 PM Re: Mispronounced words
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I see and hear so often, even read it in books by well known writers, where they say for example "Go jump IN the car" , and they should say , "Go jump INTO the car".
Because, how high can one jump in a car?
I feel like telling people who talk this way to "Go jump into the lake, and then jump in the lake"

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