Below is a poetic puzzle that involves five of santa's elves. each of whom dresses in a different color and makes a different toy. you must figure out which elf by name makes which toy and how many of it and wears which color.


old santa's pack held 30 toys
made by his elf and crew
and though none of them made the same amount
each elf made more than two
the elf named Cher made one more toy
than the elf dressed in red
but Cher made one less toy
than the elf who made each sled
johnny elf made racing cars
five toys were made by Jane
the elf who dressed in yellow suits
made each and every train
the elf who always dressed in green
made 1/3 as many as Sue
Marcia elf was dressed in orange
and one elf was dressed in blue
the elf who made the spinning tops
made the most toys of them all
another perky smiling elf
made each and every ball
from the clues can you yourselves
work out the puzzle of the elves