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#405441 - Wed Jan 09 2008 07:55 AM When do you get up?
agony Offline


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Was reading a book the other day, and one character looked at a clock - "7:23 am - pretty early for you to be up". This rather jarred me, as I can't remember the last time I slept that late!

I have to be at work at 7:30, sometimes 7:15. I usually get up at 6, and have done so for so many years that now I rarely sleep much later, even when not working. On the weekend I'll maybe sleep until 6:30 or so, 7 if I had a late night.

How about you? What time is your clock set at?

#405442 - Wed Jan 09 2008 08:02 AM Re: When do you get up?
cinnam0n Offline

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I don't work outside my home, but I still set my alarm for 6:30 AM. I guess maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like to make sure my husband gets breakfast and see him off when he leaves for work around 7:30. When the weather's warm in the summer, I like to get my daily walk in very early before the heat gets too bad.
On weekends I occasionally sleep until 7:30 or so, but the "inner clock" usually wakes me up before then.
As I get older, I seem to be learning how valuable the early hours are for getting things done before the rest of the household gets up and things get more hectic. The quiet time I have alone in the mornings, reading the Bible and contemplating the day is very important to me.

#405443 - Wed Jan 09 2008 08:18 AM Re: When do you get up?
ren33 Offline

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I live quite a way out of town, so if I am working I have to catch the 6.15 minibus to the station. That means I get up at 5 .15 ish
Sleeping in means 7 am to me. I am used to getting things done before it gets hot also. Nice and quiet at that time.
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#405444 - Wed Jan 09 2008 08:37 AM Re: When do you get up?
romeomikegolf Offline

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When do you get up?

Too early. Because I can't rush out of the door in the morning, I need at least two or three cups of coffee first, I usually get up around 5.30am, sometimes as early as 4.00, depends on how well I sleep. I leave home around 7.30, and arrive at my first appointment at 8.00. If I need to travel further, I leave home that bit before.
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#405445 - Wed Jan 09 2008 08:46 AM Re: When do you get up?
elvenfair Offline

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I get up at exactly 6 o'clock without an alarm almost every morning except Sunday. This is due to the fact that I have to leave the house at 7:30 to get to work. In the holidays I get up a bit later...say around 7:30 or 8:00.
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#405446 - Wed Jan 09 2008 10:23 AM Re: When do you get up?
sue943 Offline

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Oh dear me, I am the sloth!

When I used to work I used to set the alarm for 7am which gave me time to have a leisurely bath with a book! I used to leave the house at about 8:30 to be at work for 9am. Sometimes I left earlier, but not often.

Now I don't work I am rarely up as early as 8am, it is more likely to be 9am so by the time I get downstairs it could be 9:30. I might not be dressed though, it depends. On Sundays I often have a lie-in with a book which is a leftover from my youth when Sundays meant staying in bed until lunch was ready!

I am more a night person, I rarely go to bed before 2am and it could be later, and then I read in bed. I often doze off in front of the television in the evening for a few hours which is probably why I have insomnia. Mind you I have been a night owl for years, when I lived with my ex-husband I used to go to bed at about 2am, I wasn't allowed to read in bed so needed to try to be exhausted so that I fell asleep - it didn't really work as walking upstairs used to wake me up. At least I am allowed to read myself to sleep these days.
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#405447 - Wed Jan 09 2008 10:44 AM Re: When do you get up?
ktstew Offline
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Usually, I am up by six, [ or before] to get my daughters off to school. We are generally out the door by 7.30.
I scrambled around and woke everybody up late this morning - totally my fault because I was on the phone into the wee hours this morning.

Fortunately we have the 'get up' drill down to a science and everybody was ready at the usual time. [It helps to lay out clothing and school bags the night before. ] Breakfast was some quickie toaster pastries , coffee, milk and a vitamin and we were set to go.
Most mornings, especially if it's cold I do the scrambled eggs, bacon and toast thing for the girls. It makes them sit down and focus before they go out the door and they seem to miss it when they have to eat on the run.

When I was young I could sleep much later, but in the last ten years, I get up by eight at the very latest - that's considered 'sleeping in 'for me. I am at my most productive before noon and try to get the bulk of things done before then.
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#405448 - Wed Jan 09 2008 11:27 AM Re: When do you get up?
guitargoddess Offline

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It really depends on my schedule for the day. Saturday and Sunday mornings I work at 6 am, so I'm up by 5 (4:30 if I went out the night before and didn't shower before finally going to sleep). Two days a week I have 10 a.m. classes, so I'm up around 7:30. The day I have a 2:30 class I try to get up around 10 or 10:30, if I want the luxury of eating before I leave the house. And on days when I have no reason to get up at all, it really differs! Sometimes I'll get up as early as 9, sometimes more like 11. But I've been known to stay in bed until 3 in the afternoon...
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#405449 - Wed Jan 09 2008 11:37 AM Re: When do you get up?
lilyalli Offline

Registered: Fri Apr 20 2007
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Another insomniac night owl here. It's usually 2 or 3 am before I go to bed and then I often read for an hour, or do a puzzle or two, so it's often 3 or 4 am before I turn my light out. At least then I do get some unbroken sleep for 5 or 6 hours. If I go to bed any earlier I'm awake off and on all night. My New Year Resolution was to try to get to bed before midnight, but it's been a disaster - found myself wide awake at 2am, then making toast at 4 am and playing the hourlies! Not good, so back to the old routine of late to bed for me.

I gave up work because of my insomnia - falling asleep at the wheel because I had to be up so much earlier than now and was totally sleep deprived.

So in all, I'd say my getting up time now is around 9 am. This seems to be how my bodyclock is adjusted, so I'll stick with it as it doesn't affect anyone else. Oh, the luxury of retirement!
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#405450 - Wed Jan 09 2008 11:46 AM Re: When do you get up?
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I'm a nurse and I work day-shift, which means I have to be at the hospital at 7 a.m. Most mornings I'm up at 5:30. My husband has always dealt with getting the kids off in the morning. Even though they're older now, he still packs their sandwiches and makes sure they take a piece of fruit! On Shabbat (Saturday) I get up later, and make up for lost sleep with a nice long nap in the afternoon.

#405451 - Wed Jan 09 2008 12:13 PM Re: When do you get up?
rxbigdawg Offline

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It varies depending on the day and where I will be working. I can get ready in as little as 30 minutes. I have three little boys who are up WAY before the crack of dawn so I am usually up by 5:45. I live in the western part of a time zone so dawn at this time of year is around 7:30. Sleeping in to me is 7 AM but that requires my wife or someone else to get up with the kids. Good thing I'm a morning person!
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#405452 - Wed Jan 09 2008 12:21 PM Re: When do you get up?
JaneMarple Offline
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It varies, because most days there is nothing desparate to get up for (exceot on hairdresser day ) My body clock usually wakes me up around seven or seven thirty but I am usually one my feet by around half eight=ish. It's very rare for me to go to bed late (after midnight is extremely late for me) but always have my radio on to nod off with.

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#405453 - Wed Jan 09 2008 03:07 PM Re: When do you get up?
veronikkamarrz Offline

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My husband usually wakes me when he is finished showering, so I can have the bathroom to myself for the duration.
We live upstairs, and the commute is the staircase, so no rush!

So, up about 7:45. He goes downstairs to open the office at 9:00. I wander in between 10:00 and 11:00. Such a life!
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#405454 - Wed Jan 09 2008 03:13 PM Re: When do you get up?
rayven80 Offline

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On nights I work I get up at midnight or 1 a.m., on nights I don't have to work, I sleep until I wake up, ususally between 7 and 9 a.m.
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#405455 - Wed Jan 09 2008 03:32 PM Re: When do you get up?
Leau Offline
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Back in the Netherlands I used to get up at 7.30 and start work at 8.30. Now that I'm living in Australia it gets light much earlier in the morning, so I wake up earlier too. My new job will have me start at 7 am, and it's about 45 minutes by bike to get there, so I'll probably have to get up around 5.30 from next week. And I am NOT looking forward to that!
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#405456 - Wed Jan 09 2008 04:32 PM Re: When do you get up?
ozzz2002 Offline

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I do rotating shift work, so am concious of the need for sleep, especially if I have a couple of nightshifts (10pm-6am) on the horizon. Prior to them, I try to maximise the 'sleep bank' by snoozing as long as possible. Summer is bad for nightshifts, as it is hard to sleep when the temperature is nudging 40C.

The same applies to the morning (6am-2pm) shift- I despise mornings, and usually try to swap those shifts with the afternoon one. The 2-10pm shift is the best one for me, as it lets me sleep in, and yet still go to bed at roughly the same time as normal people.
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#405457 - Wed Jan 09 2008 04:34 PM Re: When do you get up?
supersal1 Offline

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I work night shift, so my sleep patterns are weird. On the nights I don#t work I'm usually up by 7.30 to deal with any last minute crises before the girls go to school. Weekends I sleep in if possible until about 9. I'm a night owl by inclincation.

Our day shift at work start coming in at 6 a.m. and I really don't know how they do it. They don't know how I stay up all night, so I think the owl/lark theory is probably a valid one.

#405458 - Wed Jan 09 2008 05:08 PM Re: When do you get up?
ClaraSue Offline
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My sleep patterns are strange because of our driving schedules, but on a non-driving day, I'm usually up by 7:30.
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#405459 - Wed Jan 09 2008 05:45 PM Re: When do you get up?
dg_dave Offline
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On days I have to be at work at 9am, I get up no later than 8 to get ready and all, and in bed by 12mid or 12:30am. I have a five minute trip to work, and at 9am, I can make it. If I don't have to be there until 4 or 5pm (when the five minute trip turns into an hour (!)), I've been known to sleep until 10 or 11am...depends on how late I got to bed the previous night.
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#405460 - Wed Jan 09 2008 05:47 PM Re: When do you get up?
The_lioness33 Offline

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On school days, I have to leave the house either at 7.30 or at 7.40, depending on which bus I catch. I usually aim for the earlier one, which means I have to get up at 6 (I dilly dally while I get dressed). Most days I completely forget about breakfast because there isn't much in the house to eat. Occasionally I sleep in until about 7-7.15 and on those days I either rush around to get the early bus, or go a little slower to catch the late one.

On weekends, I try to sleep in as much as possible, on saturdays I sleep until 7.30, because I have sport. On sundays I have been knows to sleep in as late as midday.

In the holidays, I sleep until about 10 or 11, 9 if I just happen to wake up then and not go back to sleep.

#405461 - Wed Jan 09 2008 05:50 PM Re: When do you get up?
PurpleFan Offline

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I am a confirmed Night owl.Have been since I can remember.

As I usually chat to Sara and Sue most evenings I am up till 5 am or later so we can chat.

As for getting up it depends on if I have a case of insomnia. I have gone almost 4 days with no sleep then I crash and sleep for 16 or so hrs.

Thank Goodness my husband is a night owl also.

I like the nighttime as it is peaceful and quiet and I can read all night if I am involved with a good book.

If I have to be up early for appointments then I try and get to bed by 1 am or earlier.
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#405462 - Wed Jan 09 2008 06:02 PM Re: When do you get up?
jonnowales Offline

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Interesting thread Agony.

On college days I go to sleep roughly from 03:00am or 4:00am and rise at 08:00 (I too am an owl by nature and the morning routine that education adopts is a disaster).

To make up for having roughly 20 to 25 hours of sleep in the week (instead of the recommended 40), on the weekends I sleep for long periods.

The usual is roughly 04:00am or 05:00am getting to sleep and waking at about 01:00pm to 03:00pm.

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#405463 - Thu Jan 10 2008 04:15 PM Re: When do you get up?
Rowena8482 Offline

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My hubby gets up at 5.45 and I get up at 7am on a school/work day. On a holiday or weekend we get up when the baby wakes us lol, although he is "well trained" and it is usually about 7am ish.
Getting up in the morning kills me, I am a total night-owl, I can stay up all night no bother, but getting up early just knocks me out. Come the glorious day when I go back to work I will look for a night job, that would suit me much better lol
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#405464 - Tue Jan 29 2008 08:58 PM Re: When do you get up?
slytherinwitch Offline
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I am a complete night owl, though can manage to suffer through early morning shifts. I do confess that over the Christmas shopping season (I work in retail management), when doing the very early morning shifts, say 5 am to 1 pm, I found it easier to just stay up all night and crash the next afternoon.

If left to my own devices, my internal clock would have me asleep around 5 am and awake at noon. A night owl through and through and that's how nature made me.

#405465 - Tue Feb 05 2008 11:01 PM Re: When do you get up?
tezza1551 Offline

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Round 5 am usually in summer (thats when West Australia is not having daylight saving, which probably works really well in some places, but not here) and the hour between 5 am & 6 am is MINE.. a walk, a bit of gardening, a good book.. whatever.
In winter, a bit later, but have to be gone by 7.30 to drive 60km to work.. and dodge kangaroos, sheep etc.
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