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#407326 - Mon Jan 21 2008 07:20 PM Is there a limit on number of submitted quizzes
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I was curious if only one submitted quiz (e.g. waiting for an editor to review) is allowed at a time? I had one that I submitted a week ago but since then have finished another one that I was working.. When I try to submit the second quiz, it seems to stay as "Offline".
It makes some sense that there is a limit but I just want to make sure that I am not having some other kind of problem.

Pam (pshelton)

#407327 - Mon Jan 21 2008 07:49 PM Re: Is there a limit on number of submitted quizzes
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There is only one quiz at a time allowed. The reasons for this are so that you can take what you have learned from getting the first quiz put online and apply it to any subsequent quizzes, and so that everyone with a submitted quiz gets a fair shake at having their quiz looked at.
The only exception to this would be if you have a quiz that was once online pulled off for some reason. Then it could be submitted for consideration at the same time as a new quiz.
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