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#416536 - Mon May 05 2008 06:45 AM Re: April Trivia Rounds
brandz_mygirl Offline

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Round 29 – April Answers

6 ‘fab-tastic’ players for the “Once Upon A Time” round. Big THANKS for taking part.

1) Please give me the name of a winner (author or illustrator) of the Hans Christian Andersen award from 2000 to 2008 inclusive.
For Ten Points: Wolf Erlbruch, Martin Waddell, Margaret Mahy, Quentin Blake
For Five Points: Anthony Browne (2)
Not mentioned: Max Velthuijs, Ana Maria Machado, Aidan Chambers, Jürg Schubiger, Roberto Innocenti

2) Please give the name of an actor/actress who provided the voice of any character in the Disney animated movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.
For Ten Points: Billy Gilbert – “Sneezy”, Moroni Olsen – “Magic Mirror”, Eddie Collins – “Dopey”, Otis Harlan – “Happy”
For Five Points: Scotty Mattraw – “Bashful” (2)
Not mentioned: Adrian Caselotti – “Snow White”, Harry Stockwell – “Prince”, Roy Atwell – “Doc” and more.

3) From here, please give me the name of a musical instrument that is used in “Peter and the Wolf”.
For Ten Points: Bassoon, Trumpet, Flute, Snare Drum
For Five Points: Castanets (2)
Not mentioned: Oboe, Clarinet, Horns, Trombone, Timpani, Triangle, Tambourine, Cymbals, Bass Drum, Strings

4) There are 34 stories in the modern edition of “The Sketch Book”. Please give me the name of any story.
For Ten Points: The Inn Kitchen, The Wife, Christmas Dinner, Little Britain, A Sunday in London, Philip of Pokanoket
10 points all!
Not mentioned: Rip Van Winkle, Roscoe, The Country Church, Westminster Abbey and the remaining 24 stories.

5) Going back to the Disney (again, I know!) version of Peter Pan that was released in 1953, please give me the title of a song that is heard in the movie.
For Ten Points: Never Smile at a Crocodile, What Makes the Red Man Red?, The Elegant Captain Hook, You Can Fly!
For Five Points: A Pirate’s Life (2)
Not mentioned: The Second Star to the Right, Following the Leader, Your Mother and Mine


Top Place:
45 points: Mugaboo, Maninmidohio, Nakarinna, Gatsby & Denni Good work!

Other results:
35 points: Szabs
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#416537 - Tue May 06 2008 01:28 PM Re: April Trivia Rounds
cinnam0n Offline

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The 7 players for Round 26 did an outstanding job!

1. Jewel (Kilcher) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. But there are other jewels, and some are more well-known than others because they are used for birthstones. Please give me any jewel that is used for a birthstone.

For 10 points - Moonstone, Emerald, Amethyst, Perido, Blue Topaz, Alexandrite, Opal

2. One of my favorites is Seal. Although he is a very real person, there are some fictional seals that have become famous over the years. Name one of them.

For 10 points - Thomas Magnum (yes, he was a former Navy seal), Whiskers (from TV's Manta and Moray), Seel (a {Pokemon character), Andre (from the movie), Silly Seal (from comics), Seabert (from the animated TV series), Sneezly seal (cartoon)

3. Madonna has been around a long time, and has done her share of acting over the years. Name a movie that Madonna appeared in.

For 10 points - Evita, Dick Tracy, Girl 6, Shadows & Fog, Body of Evidence

5 points - Who's That Girl? (2)

4. Over the last few years, Alecia Moore (better known as Pink) has gained prominence, winning two Grammys during this century. Please name any movie with the word Pink in the title.

For 10 points - Pink Cadillac, Ride the Pink Horse, The Pink Telephone, The Pink Jungle, Pink Motel, Curse of the Pink Panther, Pink Ludos

5. And then there's Beyonce (Knowles). After performing with Destiny's Child, her solo career has skyrocketed. Name any track on her latest album, B'Day.

For 10 points - Upgrade U, Ring the Alarm, Freakum Dress

5 points - Green Light (2), Kitty Kat (2)

Quite remarkable - only 3 pairs of duplicate answers in the entire round! I wish I could award a point to each of you but, alas, only a few will gain the prize!

With perfect scores of 50, mininmidohio and nakarinna!
The second place pack consists of Mugaboo, Gatsby, szabs, denni, and brandz_mygirl!

Congratulations to all of you for such a fine round and especially to the two winners!

#416538 - Fri May 09 2008 09:24 AM Re: April Trivia Rounds
Gatsby722 Offline
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All righty, then . The results for April look like this:

13 Points ... maninmidohio
10 Points ... Mugaboo
6 Points ..... brandz_mygirl
................. cinnamOn
................. nakarinna
5 Points ..... szabs
4 Points ..... denni19
................. Gatsby722
3 Points ..... srini701
2 Points ..... Lizard_Wizard
................. zorba_scank
1 Point ...... missbecky2007

Running total for the year, you ask?

maninmidohio (32)
nakarinna (27)
brandz_mygirl (22)
Mugaboo (22)
szabs (19)
cinnamOn (18)
Gatsby722 (18)
zorba_scank (17)
denni19 (14)
srini701 (5)
gsmoke827 (4)
Lizard_Wizard (4)
ainenei (1)
bethfay (1)
Jafato (1)
JaneMarple (1)
LeoDaVinci (1)
missbecky2007 (1)
Santana2002 (1)

Well done maninmidohio ! A rather sound lead on the list so far (but nakarinna isn't very far behind). I'd say everybody is doing really, really well, yes?
And now we can carry on with *May-In-Progress* .....

Edited by Gatsby722 (Fri May 09 2008 09:28 AM)
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