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#418626 - Thu Apr 24 2008 04:24 PM World of Warcraft Warning
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So two days ago I logged onto the official WoW website by typing it into my browser. I wanted to see something with my account and logged in.

The next day, I received two emails saying my WoW account password had been changed. I hadn't changed it.

Yup, my WoW account was hacked.

Now, I don't visit many websites, don't install random software, don't click on ad banners, etc. I have an anti-virus program and keep it updated. I never give out my account info. So I didn't think this could happen to me.

Billing was able to get me access to my account, but several of my characters were without their possessions and gold, and one was naked and left in the middle of Shatt. I was able to get some of their possessions back so far, but no telling what I'm missing...

So I just wanted to post this warning to all of you who play WoW.
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#418627 - Mon Jun 23 2008 12:28 AM Re: World of Warcraft Warning
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It's called hackers. I would recommend nobody play this game anyways. I have see the likes of what it does to people.

#418628 - Wed Sep 10 2008 03:20 PM Re: World of Warcraft Warning
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Man, what a world we live in...where even imaginary cartoon characters are subject to being robbed and left naked on the street---sheesh.
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