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#424107 - Sun Jul 06 2008 12:15 AM Re: June Trivia Rounds
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June 30 Round - Answers

8 ’phenomenally-phenomenal’ players for the “Bits that make a whole ” round. Thank you for taking part.

1) From here, please give me the name of any famous left-handed actor whose last name begins with either “A” or “W” and who is still around as of today.
For Ten Points: Treat Williams, Will Wheaton, Harry Anderson
For Five Points: Mare Winningham (3), Dan Aykroyd (2)
Not mentioned: Tim Allen, James Whitmore, Bruce Willis, Oprah Winfrey, Joanne Woodward, Stephanie Zimbalist

2) From the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (“ABRSM”) website, find the Grade 1 (the first grade of piano exams) exam syllabus for 2007/2008 and please give me the name of a composer of any song from either List A, List B or List C. Song titles are not required.
For Ten Points: Loeschhorn, Blatn´y, Lionel Salter, Elissa Milne, Hässler, Krieger, Michel Le Coz, Enckhausen
10 points all!
Not mentioned: Corelli, Mozart, Kress, Türk, K. J. Bischoff, R. Fuchs, Köhler, N. Bachinskaya, David Sawer, Alan Bullard

3) Please name any current or former member of the Dave Matthews Band or the the wife or any of the children of Dave Matthews.
For Ten Points: Ashley Harper (wife), Grace Anne (daughter)
For Five Points: LeRoi Moore (2), Stefan Lessard (2), Boyd Tinsley (2)
Not mentioned: Stella Busina (daughter), August Oliver (son), Carter Beauford, Rashawn Ross, Peter Griesar, Butch Taylor, and of courseDave Matthews himself

4) Please give me any of the episode titles from Season 20 of the “New Yankee Workshop” (woodworking program that airs on PBS). Please select the titles from the official site.
For Ten Points: Kitchen Cabinet Basics Part 2, The Kitchen Office, The Island, Finish and Install, Adirondack Trio, “Tap” Table
For Five Points: The Hot Wall (2),
Not mentioned: Kitchen Cabinet Basics Part 1, The Wet Wall, The Pantry, The Wet Bar, All-Weather Loveseat, Lolling Chair,

5) Please give me one word that can be a synonym of the word “curmudgeon”. Hyphenated words will be treated as one word.
For Ten Points: Oldster, Niggard (means miser or stingy person and is an archaic definition of curmudgeon), Irascible, Ill-tempered
For Five Points: Sourpuss (2), Grouser (2)
Not mentioned: Bad-tempered, Difficult, Cantankerous, Grouch, Crosspatch, Crank, Bear, Crusty, Irritable, Complainer


Top Place:
45 points: Szabs & Gatsby Good work!

Other results:
Close behind them
40 points: Nakarinna, Deputygary & Maninmidohio
And close behind them
35 points: Srini, Mugaboo & Denni

Now as to how all the bits make up a whole…I’ve gone through the clues and have decided that they were way too-oooo obscure. Only one person attempted a guess (good effort Deputygary ), and the answer is ……. “Dr. Gregory House” of “House M.D.”. His ‘best-est’ friend is “James Wilson M.D.” who is left-handed, he is seen playing the piano on a number of episodes, Dave Matthews played the part of a pianist savant on an episode in the series (and I thought that he did a very good job of it), the New Yankee Workshop is one of the shows that the doctor has on his TIVO list, and all the answers in question 5 are pretty good descriptions of him. There you go. Wishing everyone a relaxing fun-filled Sunday.
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#424108 - Wed Jul 16 2008 12:17 PM Re: June Trivia Rounds
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June 2008 Monthly Results

Eeek, I'm late posting 'em . And I won't get flowery in my explanation as to why, since it's really quite simple: I've been incredibly (not to mention artfully) lazy for a few weeks ....

maninmidohio (11 Points)
nakarinna (9 Points)
(each 7 Points)
(both 4 Points)
denni19 (3 Points)
(each 2 Points)
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