Just seeing if there's any fellow PC gamers in here... I'm really looking forward to this game that THQ is releasing in August. It's been out in Germany for a while and won Best RPG of the Year.



The gameplay in Legend: Hand of God is focused on your single hero character. You can develop your character as a warrior, a magic user, or a hybrid of the two, but no matter how you choose to play, the game boils down to destroying one monster after the other and collecting gold and items. Like Diablo, Legend is a point-and-click game in which you move by clicking your way around the map, and attack by clicking on enemies.

This hadn't really come on my radar until I found a gameplay trailer that looked pretty awesome... you can see the unique finishing moves, like cutting of a zombie's head or knocking an orc down and stabbing him through the chest...


All and all, I think this looks awesome... really looking forward to it!