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#4337 - Sat Feb 02 2002 08:19 AM Sick to death of spam
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Whenever I think of spam, I think of the Monty Python routine that spawned it so to speak. A greasy little café and a few patrons sitting down and trying to order something besides spam.
But now, I am barraged with a daily routine of getting rid of ads for things that I don't need, and I think, do people really think this is going to take someone in? I mean, we don't even watch home shopping tv anymore even if we're insomniacs and that facial cream or abdominal exercise machine looks good!
Who would honestly buy life insurance as the result of spam?
not to mention the dubious ones.
Do they ever get any results out of it?
Is there a magic percentage, I spam three thousand people with my insurance or Viagra advert and I get one answer back?
I'm fed up. Any techniques?
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#4338 - Sun Feb 03 2002 12:21 AM Re: Sick to death of spam
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I too am fed up with spam, and would welcome any advice as to how to get rid of it! One account that I use weeds it out for me, but my main email server does not have this facility-or if they do I have yet to find it.

Every day I trash 20 plus spam-mails before getting around to the one or two personal emails that I want to read! It has been getting worse recently.

Any helpful hints much appreciated!

#4339 - Sat Feb 02 2002 04:03 PM Re: Sick to death of spam
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Spam e-mails are not a problem if you have Outlook Express for your mail server. Just single click on the unwanted mail, then click MESSAGE and click BLOCK SENDER. The mail will be deleted from your inbox and sent directly to the DELETED ITEMS file. You'll never see it.
To get rid of deleted items permanently, Click on INBOX where a menu appears. Click on DELETED ITEMS.
If there are a bunch of messages listed to delete, just hit CTRL/A and then the delete key. Poof, they're all gone.
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#4340 - Sun Feb 03 2002 07:29 AM Re: Sick to death of spam
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I use the Block Sender on Outlook too, but one needs to have received the spam once to activate the block. One company appears to have overcome the blocking as I receive mail from them daily. Why don't these people realise that if they upset us they will be the last company we would dream of puchasing goods and services from. As for the pornography spam, surely to goodness people who actually want this type of website to view can find it for themselves.
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