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#435874 - Sat Jan 10 2009 01:21 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
Copago Offline

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Still going well, thanks for asking. Ten days now.

Still don't feel any different though - can maybe smell a bit better but all the quit campaigns you see say how great you will feel ... and not yet. LOL I know i know, give it more time. Quite proud of myself actually and have no desire to ever have another smoke again.

#435875 - Sat Jan 10 2009 05:18 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
ren33 Offline

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Wonderful, Jill. I was the same, didn't feel much healthier or livelier. But less coughs and colds in winter. Keep it up its a great achievement.
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#435876 - Sat Jan 10 2009 06:19 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
MotherGoose Offline

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Way to go, Jill! Maynooth did it and you can too!

It has definitely been a good week, starting with getting my new computer and coming back to FunTrivia after an absence of about two months (due to the demise of my old computer).

Then yesterday, I won $35 in the Lotto (the most I've ever won in 24 years of buying the wretched tickets).

I went shopping at JB Hi-Fi yesterday and agonised over whether to spend $25 on a CD I wanted (I don't usually spend that much on CDs for myself). I decided to indulge, took the CD up to the counter and discovered it was on sale and I got it for less than $8!

Finally, I didn't have to cook dinner in the heat as my aunt and uncle dropped in for a surprise visit (they live several hours' drive away from me) so we got together with other family members and had an impromptu night out at a restaurant.
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#435877 - Sat Jan 10 2009 07:23 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
ClaraSue Offline
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Well done, Lioness!

You're doing great, Copago! It's still early in the game. You'll start feeling better and better. Just wait and see.

My high: I've been attending a class for the past couple days and today I won $50.00 in the raffle. Never mind that I had to buy the tickets for $20.00; I'm ahead $30.00!
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#435878 - Sun Jan 11 2009 02:52 AM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
lady1 Offline
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My low: I am back from my trip *sighs* and have some photos to share with you all. Just need to get them off my laptop on onto the forum.

Great going Copago. Keep it up. I stopped smoking 32 years ago and have not looked back. I'm shocked everytime I hear how much people pay for the cigarettes - what a waste of money. Can we expect lots more crafting from you now?

Welcome back Motherfoose. Hope you are enjoying your new computer.

Congratulations Lioness and glad you had a good trip.

Are FTers on a winning streak? I think I will have to go out and buy a lottery ticket.
"If Life Were Easy Where Would All The Adventure Be?"

#435879 - Mon Jan 12 2009 05:20 AM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
sue943 Offline

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Posts from Monday 12th January moved to fresh thread as this is too large. I suppose with hindsight I ought to have done it from 1st January, but not to worry.
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